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Better Spotting on Deck with ByGMR!

Adjustable-Spotting-DeckEffective gymnastics coaching means getting in there and making corrections to body positioning for both safety and aesthetics. Gymnastics coaching is a hands on business. Describing actions with words, alone, only takes you so far. The real changes happen when coaches get up close and personal allowing their athletes’ bodies to feel the desired alignment, as they move through the skill.

That’s where your ByGMR spotting deck lets you, literally, step up to the task!

Our gymnastics spotting deck features a 2ft x 4ft full platform that provides 2 feet on either side of your single bar trainer, allowing the coach the stability needed to straddle the bar, should they so choose, so they can manipulate bodies in motion, in real time.

Giants, blind changes and pirouettes are staple skills in advanced gymnastics bar work. Having their coach by their side can jumpstart a gymnast’s confidence as they approach trickier, at first more frightening, skills. Knowing their kid’s gym has top of the line, professional tools to guide their child through more advanced moves soothes a parent’s nerves, too, as they watch their child grow in their gymnastics training.

Our gymnastics spotting deck doesn’t hinge up or retract nailing down that added stability you want from a spotting deck. For safety and comfort, it comes padded with 1 3/8 cross link foam. 2 clamps and 2 spinlocks keep it locked in place for the safety of the gymnast and the coach. Most gymnastics gyms leave their decks in place because it is such a useful piece of equipment when shaping, but it is removable should you need to take it down. We offer removable and non-removable spotting decks for your professional gymnastics body shaping pleasure!

This spotting deck’s super stable construction uses 2 jaws in opposite directions to make this puppy rock solid until You Choose to Move It. Gymnastics gyms are places with lots of things happening at once and time is of the essence when keeping classes on schedule. To take it off, two people use a tilting motion to disengage it’s pit-bull like jaw features and it’s removed quick and easy for busy coaches in a dynamic gym club environment.

It’s so solid that gymnasts can also use it to climb up to the bar. After all, most gymnasts are not built like basketball players! Lol.

Gymnasts are also not divers and should not attempt to do anything silly like dive or somersault off it. Really! No back layout full twists. Save that for floor ex!

Putting the Spin on Your Spinlocks


Twisting…. and turning… turning and twisting… No, we don’t mean your gymnasts. We’re talking about the tightening knobs on just about every piece of gymnastics equipment in your gym or gymnastics club: the parallel bars, some ring frames, your balance beam, high bar, vault table and your uneven bars all adjust using a spinlock.

The spinlock or spin lock, we’ve seen it spelled both ways, spins almost as much as your athletes do and on a daily basis! Just like with your gymnasts, coaches need to take care to ensure that your spinlocks don’t wear out!

So, let’s get down to the nuts and bolts of tightening your spinlocks (sorry, we had to!) and lengthening the life of your equipment. (more…)