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Carroll County Rec Department Chose Us!

CarrollCountyGymnasticsFacilityYou don’t have to have the lung power to hit all your birthday candles at once or wait ’til you trip over a giant, four leaf clover, the gymnastics gym of your dreams is available at this number: 1-800-241-9249!

Carroll county recreation department made the call and after 2 years of careful planning with 40 year veteran Mike Raines and his right hand man, Grant Coulter, also a former gymnastics coach with over a decade in the gymnastics equipment manufacture and gym design business, Carroll County gymnastics’ custom dream gym became a reality.

Melissa Ryans of the Carroll County rec department says, “GMR exceeded our expectations for the ideal gym we envisioned; one that met the needs of our athletes as well as our CCRD staff. The contractors effectively communicated with out throughout the whole process and were extremely helpful in making sure all of our expectations were met. Pleased is an understatement for the gratitude we have for GMR for building us our dream gym.”

Mike and Grant even made the trip down to Carrollton to oversee and install everything themselves!

The seeds of the whole thing sprouted in a little 3D rendering software program Grant configured that knows every dimension of any piece of gymnastics equipment you could wish to fit in your gym. Having both been coaches, Mike and Grant understand just how important gym club real estate is in your facility. They know how space and equipment collaborate to keep gymnastics classes running efficiently and they know how to flow both to keep your gymnasts safe.

After the custom blueprint came the install. Carroll County Rec department built a giant L shaped pit and dropped a tumble track they’d used above ground into a trench. Mike and Grant worked with the contractors to ensure that all the dimensions were right, in the correct spot and at the proper depth. The devil doesn’t end up in the details when you stay on top of them. Everything’s got to sit and fit in just the right spot when it comes to trampoline beds in a pit.

Carroll County went with ByGMR’s signature sag bed system. The frame is mounted just 2 feet from the top, which lets you sag the bed into the pit like a net. It’s way easier to climb out of than a regular bed which usually sits four feet from the top.

A sagged bed allows for more action when the gymnast enters it at speed providing a smoother, more decelerated landing. That greater range of movement also helps prevent wear and tear on your pit cubes because they don’t get packed down like they do with a regular trampoline bed which is strung tight to hold up the weight of the cubes. On that note, it takes more pit cubes to fill a regular trampoline bed system. Paying for fewer pit cubes that last longer in a pit that’s easier to climb out of: that’s a 10.0!

Carroll County wanted a spring floor extension so their athletes can tumble into their 18 x 18 x 6 foot L-shaped pit with a 7 x 14 foot in ground trampoline in it and resi pit attached. The double L based single bar trainer is usually reserved for T-shaped pits, but using the L’s let us bring their spring floor extension closer in. Custom design + custom equipment makes your gym a well-oiled machine. Customization at every level is one of the benefits of working with ByGMR: gym designers and equipment manufacturers.

We made all their training mats, spotting blocks and inclines in their custom colors of purple and lime green, so they would have “something different”. We were also proud to install all ByGMR equipment including vault table, single bar trainer, unevens, balance beams, tumble track and spring floor making Carroll County recreation departments’s new custom gymnastics gym an affordable resource for the community and its athletes.

2019! New Year! New Products!

dept-mid-ninjaparkour-2x (1)

2018 was an extra special year for us at GMR Gymnastics Sales; in that we celebrated our 40th year in the gymnastics gear and equipment business! We are so blessed to work to support the beautiful, strong and graceful sport of gymnastics that brings so much grace to the lives it touches. These 40 years we’ve literally a labored in love.

None of which would be possible without the coaches, gymnasts and gym owners that are the backbone of gymnastics. We learn from you all the time and love it when we get an opportunity to collaborate for the benefit of gymnasts. Last year, we had the honor of working with Coaches Dawn Campos and Danelle Catlett of Solid Rock Gymnastics LINK to create the Dawn Mat. The Dawn Mat offers a built-in spotting deck attached to a downward slope that is still 12 inches from the ground. This one of a kind wedge shape lets you position a skill cushion at the end of the mat for softer landings. Used horizontally or vertically, it’s super versatile for a variety of skill drills. For more info and video of many of the skills you can train using this unique GMR/Coach mat collabo, do check out this post.

trapezoid-36x48x48_m151_r_23c66225 (1)Mat-wise, we’ve also updated the colors on our gymnastics trapezoid mat. For spotting or vaulting, our height adjustable trapezoids now come in the fun new colors: orange, purple, lime green, blue.

Last year, on Facebook, we asked our gymnastics community friends what YOU could use in your gymnastics practice. Based on your feedback, we developed the S-band and the #3 to help you keep your gymnastics grips in place. Less fiddling, more swinging!


Gym Pits: The Hole Truth


Walk into any gymnastics club or cheerleading gym and you’ll see a big spot somewhere filled to near overflowing (if they’re doing it right) with foam blocks. It will scream: “Jump!!!!! Take a running, flying leap into this big pit of foam filled fun!!!! Do Eeet!!!”

And, that’s exactly what people do.

In fact, you’ll see gymnasts and cheerleaders take running, twisting, flipping leaps into them straight off the floor or off of the other equipment native to gymnastics: uneven or horizontal bars, beams, vault tables or rings.

These athletes, male and female, are training gymnastics drills and skills or cheerleading.

Now, you might picture these small oasis of foam as rectangles, and it’s true, some of them are. Our most widely used gym pit design, however, is the classic L-shaped Pit.

The Evolution of GMR Gymnastics Sales: In Living Color! Part 4

illustrationMike explains, “In the mid 90’s, desktop publishing was starting to flourish. Tired of the expense and difficulties of working with an outside publisher to create and produce the catalogue, we decided to do it ourselves in-house. So, we took the plunge and borrowed 10 grand, which back then and to us, was an enormous amount of money!”

“At the time, color catalogues were just too expensive. Lucky for us, we met Zandra Gruber who had a daughter in gymnastics.”

“Zani is an artist who ran her own printing company before she sold it and came onboard, full-time at GMR. With Zani’s graphic art skills and Kappy’s determination to reduce costs and still produce a dynamic catalogue with color illustrations, we brought production of the catalogue in-house.”


Even now, Kappy looks pained as she explains, “That was hard work. Back then computers didn’t have a whole lot of processing power. Producing a color illustration, which was done with layered spot color, not processed color. It would take hours. We’d be up all night, catching naps in the ages it would take for even just one file to process. It was hell, but it was worth it.” (more…)