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Region 8 Mini-Congress: Living La Vida Local!

IMG951503001Mike and Kappy attended the Region 8 Mini-Congress that was held in Atlanta this past June 28 – 30. If you’re not familiar with Congress or a Mini-Congress (where have you been?!), it’s a fantastic opportunity to learn the ins and outs of the gymnastics industry plus meet a lot of important industry vendors (GMR *hint hint*).

If we’re talking the National Congress or Congress, as it’s called, then you might just run into some gymnastics Olympic luminaries or see a major US Gymnastics competition. This year National Congress will be held in Kansas City, Missouri, August 9 – 11. Alongside, the USA Gymnastics National Congress and Trade Show (it’s super official, formal title) will be the 2019 United States National Championships. Attendees to Congress, are able to purchase these tickets at a reduced rate. Pretty sweet!

But we digress…

What happens at a regional mini-congress? A regional mini-congress is a great opportunity for folks of a particular geographic region to get together to teach and learn how to coach gymnastics, run a gym, run a meet and meet gymnastics industry vendors. The best part is that it’s within a modest driving distance because it’s always held within your gymnastics region or localized clumping of states. And, the entry fees are a bit cheaper.

For struggling gym clubs, that’s a big deal because its a lot easier for gym owners to bring more people to a location that’s closer to them for less money.

Mike and Kappy got lucky this year as the 2019  was held in Atlanta at the Crowne Plaza Ravinia which is only a little over 25 miles from GMR’s Lithonia HQ. That’s about 45 minutes, if the Atlanta Traffic Gods are being really nice.

20190618_105601This year Mike and Kappy saddled up the new GMR Trailer for its maiden voyage! Check out the fancy new wrap! Mike and Kappy hope to fire it up frequently and make it to more of your region 8 gymnastics meets. Besides price and proximity, mini-congress is a great opportunity for gymnastics coaches, gym club owners and devoted parents to connect.


Region 8 Mini-Congress: USAG National’s Mini-Me.

300_0864.NEF meyer_20100629_0948.NEF

Winston-Salem, North Carolina. Not to be confused with Salem, Massachusetts where they held the witch trials of the late 1600’s, Winston-Salem is 792 miles southward down the coast and 61 years younger. Settled in 1753, that still makes Winston-Salem pretty old by American standards. The city was originally settled by the Moravian Church (German Protestants) and is now said to be the most religious city in the state of North Carolina!

Mike and Kappy went for the Region 8 Mini-Congress June 8 – 10! 

Mike and Kappy really enjoy taking GMR Gymnastics Sales on the road to the USA Gymnastics Congresses at both the national and the regional levels.

The main reason they love a good Congress is that they get to meet: You! Going to a convention is their chance to get out of the office and connect with customers and friends old and new! Mike and Kappy love to keep their ear to the ground and stay on top of what’s happening out in the community and in gymnastics clubs around the country, if not the world. Social media allows for some of that, as do email and phone orders, but none of it is this same as meeting up face to face and shooting the, uh, stuff.

What mats do you need? What programs are most popular at your club these days? How is your pit holding up? What equipment do you feel you are missing? Do you have any questions? Is there anything I can help you with? These are Mike and Kappy’s opportunities to get out and ask and answer. These are your opportunities to come out and ask and get answers!


More Region 8 Goodness!

Grips and ChalkOur intrepid By GMR owner-operators, Mike and Kappy will be making another Region 8-oriented trek northward!

June 8 – 10th marks the weekend of Region 8’s Mini-Congress! For the southeastern gymnastics professional, it’s the regional version of the USA Gymnastics’ National Congress and Trade Show that gathers attendees from all over the United States. In the industry, it goes by the moniker “Congress”, sort of like Madonna or Cher, but better on beam.

Not everyone in the gymnastics community can afford the time or money to travel across the country, stay in a hotel and get the big Congress experience. If you can swing it, it’s a great time! There are seminars, workshops and clinics that cover the gamut of subjects of ardent interest to the community: coaching techniques, bio-mechanics, fundraising, sports psychology, rec programs, gym insurance and liability, child safety, gym management… you name it!

If attending a national Congress isn’t an option for you, a mini-congress held in your region makes for a wonderful opportunity to connect with other gymnastics community professionals, attend seminars and see what’s available from gymnastics industry vendors like By GMR and Ten-o!