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The Battle of Bull Run

Pardon us while we BRAG (Bull Run Academy of Gymnastics) about our latest Sag Bed Pit System install:

It went like clockwork.

We worked with the owner, Mary and Drew Henry, for over a year to plan everything down to the most minute detail. Every spring, pad and piece of foam was cut to spec, made in the color of your choice and right there when and where we needed it because we offer a Total Turn Key System. We talk about how important it is to plan ahead in our Call Before You Dig post. We can’t emphasize it enough. If you’ve ever put together a piece of IKEA furniture, let alone cut a hole in your floor and filled it with a trampoline bed and foam, you’ll know what it means to have everything at your fingertips fit to form.

When designing their new gymnastics pit, we talked with the Bull Run’s owners about what they wanted to train into it and what they were looking to get out of it, besides safely decelerated gymnasts.

They said they wanted one big, mega, multi-purpose pit to train vault, rod floor, beam dismounts, spring floor, a tumble track, a single bar trainer and a 7ft x 14ft inground trampoline. Basically, everything leads to this pit. We said: Okay, we got you.

They said they wanted their pit to be on par with big gymnastics star universities like University of Florida, LSU and UGA. We said: Cool! We designed the gyms for UGA and LSU. We did LSU’s custom pits and mats in 2016?

Now, Bull Run Academy of Gymnastics in Warrenton, VA is the only independent, non-university gymnastics training facility with an 8 foot trench bar mat like those found at the top shelf, college gymnastics programs.

Their shiny new all-purpose, gymnastics pit measures 19ft x 34ft x 7ft deep. Most pits are six feet deep, but they wanted a college degree trench bar mat, which is 7 feet tall, so they dug the pit sized to accommodate it. Their pit also features a shallow, resi pit area connected to it, that you see is set up on the specially designed deck in the photo below.

bull run first pic

Some gym owners build the different levels into the actual pit pit or hole. Bull Run wanted to do it differently so they built a deck for their 24inch resi mat. This pit is also unique in that the trench bar and its massive mat are on the other side of the resi pit.


Cubism in All its Colors!


It’s spring and all the colors of gymnastics pit cubes are in full bloom!

Bright, eye catching colors like Royal Blue, Red, Kelly Green, Lime Green, Orange, Purple, Yellow, and Pink brighten your gym. Or, if you prefer a more understated pit, we carry more neutral pit cube colors such as charcoal, black and light grey. We offer a total of 11 colors of gymnastics training pit cubes to choose from!

We would caution against using white, however, as age will turn your white cubes to a rather icky and unappealing looking yellow that no one will want to jump into.

Pit Contest


Gym Pits: The Hole Truth


Walk into any gymnastics club or cheerleading gym and you’ll see a big spot somewhere filled to near overflowing (if they’re doing it right) with foam blocks. It will scream: “Jump!!!!! Take a running, flying leap into this big pit of foam filled fun!!!! Do Eeet!!!”

And, that’s exactly what people do.

In fact, you’ll see gymnasts and cheerleaders take running, twisting, flipping leaps into them straight off the floor or off of the other equipment native to gymnastics: uneven or horizontal bars, beams, vault tables or rings.

These athletes, male and female, are training gymnastics drills and skills or cheerleading.

Now, you might picture these small oasis of foam as rectangles, and it’s true, some of them are. Our most widely used gym pit design, however, is the classic L-shaped Pit.