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Super Santa Giveaway 2017



You read that right! It’s almost like being on a game show! Just call us Santa! this Christmas, we’re doing it THAT BIG with our Super Santa Christmas Giveaway!

To get your chance to win, just check back at our ten-o.com Advent Calendar and follow the contest instructions! (complete with adorable pictures of our very own office dogs! Pictured here is the big ol’ sweetheart, Chewy, very patiently dressed as a reindeer) You’ll also find all the legal, contest rules and such, should you wish to see that stuff.

Entering is a snap. The winners of prizes worth $500.00 are chosen for 5 days in November and for 14 days in December! In total, we’re giving away over $8,000 in gymnastics prizes this holiday season! What’s Santa got on us? Nothin’!

Here’s how it works:

Each day has its own prize page. Share the page for each day on your preferred social media spot among Facebook, Twitter or Instagram (or increase your chances by sharing on all 3, why not!) and add the hashtag: #GmrSuperSanta17 Don’t forget the hashtag! That’s how we find your entry!

That’s it! So easy!

Enter to Win!


Aisle 200, Booth #223 is where it’s at!

To highlight the advantages of our By GMR, Sag Bed Pit Bed System, we’re bringing a see-through, plexiglass, mini-Sag Bed Pit System to the trade show floor — complete with itty bitty, 2 inch, colored cubes for your pit cube counting pleasure!

Are you good at math, psychic or just generally lucky? Why not stop by and give us your best guess as to how many pit cubes we’ve used to fill our mini-Sag Bed Pit System gym pit?!

The Pit Specialists at By GMR, want you to see for yourself how our Sag Bed Pit System helps protect your athletes from the forces generated by all of those gravity defying skills we’ve come to love in our sport.

Our Sag Bed Pit Systems can be used to retro-fit your old pit or to start off right with your new gymnastics gym pit. For more information, we talk pits in depth here.


The lucky winner who comes closest to correctly guessing the number of tiny pit cubes we’ve used to fill the pit wins a $200 gift certificate to be used to make their GMR dreams come true!

But, that’s not all! (more…)