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Made in America With More Bounce for Your Buck.

track long

By GMR didn’t invent the Tumble Track; we just improved it. And, we manufacture it right here in the United States. Lithonia, Georgia to be exact.

If you’re not familiar, a tumble track is a long trampoline-like bed practice strip that helps gymnasts log the repetition that builds muscle memory into their skills without adding the bone and muscle micro-trauma that typically occurs along with pounding one’s body over and over onto a hard surface — even if that surface is a spring floor.

There are a few things you want out of your tumble track. One of them is bounce such that it is tight and doesn’t bottom out. Another is strength, particularly at the end where the gymnast is preparing their takeoff. You don’t want them to “bottom out” when preparing to punch their heavier skills. For that, it takes intelligent engineering built into your bed.

Your By GMR Tumble Track brings you all that and more with our dual tension spring system. All of our springs are 8 inches long. Being 8 inches long means our springs have more coils, more spring and more stretch!

Our springs are spaced 1.5 inches apart for action, more bounce, easier tumbling. Other trampoline practice strip makers spaced them 2.5 inches apart. We offer twice the springs. Twice the action for a competitive price!

Plus! Our dual tension spring system features our standard silver standard springs throughout the bed to keep it light for ease in tumbling then adds extra oomph at the end with our heavier gold spring to help punch the end for the take-off for their somersault etc.. Our By GMR tumbling practice strips are designed by gymnasts and coaches for gymnasts and coaches!


Make This Valentine’s Day a 10.0!

chenille-valentine-bear_vb120_r_1549fc35Valentine’s Day is a fantastic opportunity to bring a little love and light into the hearts of your gymnasts and coaches!

February the 14th falls on a Thursday this year (2019). While it’s not a weekend night, it’s still great evening to throw a Parent’s Night Out party at your gymnastics club or gym allowing for parents to sneak in a date night and catch a break from the kids. As you know, Parent’s Nights Out can sneak a little extra revenue into your bottom line — and who couldn’t use a little more of that?

Make it a party and everyone’s happy! The gymnasts in this video introduce a neat little set of “Valentine’s Challenges” that you and your gymnast can do at home or you and your army of gymnasts can do at your gym to mark the occasion. We’ve included the video below, so you can see for yourself or share with your little valentine, but the gist of it is to pair a pile of Valentine’s oriented activities with gymnastics skills.

Examples of the Valentine’s ideas include: eat chocolate, give hugs, wear pink or red, recite poems… You could throw in a game of name celebrity couples in or outside of gymnastics, like Bart Conner and Nadia Comaneci or Aly Raisman and Tim Schafler. Your gymnast denizens of the ‘gymternet are pretty likely up to date on who’s dating or crushing on whom among gymnastics luminaries.


Happy 2018! What’s New in the New Year?!

gym year We’re looking ahead to the New Year to roll out something extra special we’ve put together for our friends in competitive cheer, we’re bringing back a gymnastics classic and we’ve innovated our website design; so that when you come to ten-o.com you enjoy an easy and elegant shopping experience, no matter what type of device you use!

GMR Gymnastics Sales has rung in 39 New Years in the gymnastics business and we’ve loved every minute of them! What started out as strictly “snail mail” order catalogue business has grown and changed quite a bit oh these many auld lang synes. But, if there’s one thing gymnastics teaches it’s that you’ve got to be flexible, if you want to perfect your skills!

To that end, we’re rolling with the changes that are so much a part of today’s Internet culture and that means creating a website with a shopping experience that’s easy to navigate and user friendly across all the types of computers people use be they desktops, laptops, tablets or phones.