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Dare to Beam!

CARPETED-BEAM-PAD-WRAP-985-_cbp_R_23e49ee6Flips, turns and aerials on a 4 inch gymnastics competition beam can be intimidating to even the most advanced and skilled of athletes. For the itty bitty kids, after school rec kids or gymnasts with special needs, a regular sized 4 inch beam can feel even more daunting or just be out of reach.

But, what if that beam were 4 inches wider? Think of the possibilities?!

We have!

Our carpeted beam pads turn any low or high competition sized beam into a 8 inch hot dog beam. Expanding the width of your existing beam, expands the possibilities for every kid in your gym without gym owners having to expand their budget to purchase a separate and wider beam.

Gymnasts at every level will welcome the opportunity to widen their horizons; as well as their skill set on a beam that helps allay their fears while they venture to learn something new or work difficult drills.

Gymnasts at any level can, temporarily, switch up their focus to hone different elements of skills old and new or practice stitching together a new routine with less worry about that, ya know, whole the falling off part.

We spoke with Allison from Douglasville Gymnastics about how she uses her carpeted beam pads and what she likes about them. She told us she uses them in the rec room and the preschool room for kids in age ranges from 18 months to 14 years. She says they’re sturdy and they make the beam easy to grab from underneath when doing forward rolls. She never takes them off!

Simply put, carpeted beam pads puts beam work within the reach of gymnasts who are less wise to the ways of a 4 inch width by giving them some breathing room.


Hot Diggity Dog!

regular hot dog beam

Decrease their fear factor! Increase your fun factor! Our six inch “hot dog beam” brings out the beast in your athletes!

Half the height, 2 inches wider and just as long as a competition sized balance beam, our hot dog beam comes with the same suede covering and padding you know and trust. Our By GMR, exclusive, hotdog beam is brilliant for teaching beginner gymnasts, old gymnasts new routine skills or any athlete getting a feel for those next level moves.

Your regular sized competition balance beam is 4inches wide. While 2 inches may not be a mile, they sure can feel like it when you’re doing back handsprings or switch leaps! Physically and psychologically, those extra 2 inches can be a big confidence booster while your gymnast works out that she *really can* do the thing. Once she’s mastered the hotdog beam, it’s only a mere two inches to her dreams on the competition meet sized beam.


Balance Beam Matters


When kids are teetering around on a 4 inch wide surface raised 4-ish feet off the floor and then they start turning cartwheels, aerials and backflips on it, ya really ought to put a mat underneath it. Ya know, just in case.

In fact, if you run a gym club you really want to put a mat on either side of your beams which are ideally spaced six feet apart. Some gymnastics gyms space their beams 4 feet apart. We don’t recommend that. Think about it. If you think about the length of the gymnasts as they’re leaping and gymnastics-ing, ehhhh, 4 feet just isn’t a safe enough margin for little noggins not to go knockin’ on the beam or the gymnast next door.

You also want to position a mat at the end of each beam. Additionally, you want to pad the upright legs, as well as cover the part of the leg that’s on the floor.

The goal is to create one big safe landing space under, at the end and to the sides of the beam for when doing skills on that 4 inch wide space doesn’t go as hoped, every time, because we all know it won’t.

Why pad the balance beam legs?

In Mike’s time as a coach, he’s seen girls fall on beam in all kinds of ways. Girls can slip at the end of the beam and hit one of the legs. They can lose their balance and end up splitting the beam or one legs slips and hits the beam upright underneath. Sometimes, you’ll get a gymnast who misses a dismount and lands short or bounces forward and hits a beam upright. You want to be sure your kids are hitting padded metal and not just straight metal. Your kids will thank you, your parents will thank you, your insurance will thank you.


Our Deliveries Stick the Landing


On the surface, it’s not the most thrilling of blog topics. We know that. Careful packing and shipping is, however, what gets your equipment to your gym in pristine condition.

Ten-o.com and By GMR products ship all over the United States and around the world. By land, by air, by sea, even!

Whether you need it in Kentucky or Kenya, we take special care to ensure it gets to you as pretty as the picture in the catalogue or on our website.

Yes, we sweat the small stuff, too. For little things like leos, pins, tape, gifts and our world famous Christmas ornaments, we offer a range of shipping options to suit your preference and budget. You can choose FedEx or USPS ground, 1st or 2nd day air.

We employ a system that tracks packages at every step and keeps you apprised of their movements. We scan and you get an email automatically with the tracking number that will let you watch it wing its way to your door.

Need it for lil Susie’s meet this weekend? We got you!

Putting the Spin on Your Spinlocks


Twisting…. and turning… turning and twisting… No, we don’t mean your gymnasts. We’re talking about the tightening knobs on just about every piece of gymnastics equipment in your gym or gymnastics club: the parallel bars, some ring frames, your balance beam, high bar, vault table and your uneven bars all adjust using a spinlock.

The spinlock or spin lock, we’ve seen it spelled both ways, spins almost as much as your athletes do and on a daily basis! Just like with your gymnasts, coaches need to take care to ensure that your spinlocks don’t wear out!

So, let’s get down to the nuts and bolts of tightening your spinlocks (sorry, we had to!) and lengthening the life of your equipment. (more…)