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Make This Valentine’s Day a 10.0!

chenille-valentine-bear_vb120_r_1549fc35Valentine’s Day is a fantastic opportunity to bring a little love and light into the hearts of your gymnasts and coaches!

February the 14th falls on a Thursday this year (2019). While it’s not a weekend night, it’s still great evening to throw a Parent’s Night Out party at your gymnastics club or gym allowing for parents to sneak in a date night and catch a break from the kids. As you know, Parent’s Nights Out can sneak a little extra revenue into your bottom line — and who couldn’t use a little more of that?

Make it a party and everyone’s happy! The gymnasts in this video introduce a neat little set of “Valentine’s Challenges” that you and your gymnast can do at home or you and your army of gymnasts can do at your gym to mark the occasion. We’ve included the video below, so you can see for yourself or share with your little valentine, but the gist of it is to pair a pile of Valentine’s oriented activities with gymnastics skills.

Examples of the Valentine’s ideas include: eat chocolate, give hugs, wear pink or red, recite poems… You could throw in a game of name celebrity couples in or outside of gymnastics, like Bart Conner and Nadia Comaneci or Aly Raisman and Tim Schafler. Your gymnast denizens of the ‘gymternet are pretty likely up to date on who’s dating or crushing on whom among gymnastics luminaries.


Gold Medal Gymnastics Gifts for Coaches and Kids!

Crazy-Coach-Tee_ts1172_R_15d45cdf“You don’t have to be crazy to be a coach. The gymnasts will train you.” Ha! Truer words were never put on a tee shirt. That’s why you should score your coach or gymnast the perfect gymnastics Christmas gift this year!

Maybe people can tell you’re into gymnastics by your excellent physical condition or killer flexibility, your daring attitude in life and the fact that just about everything you own might be covered in chalk. But, why not rep the sport you love and the life you live with a gymnastics tee shirt or hoodie this Christmas?

Better yet, why not help your friends and loved ones tell the world they do the baddest sport there is: gymnastics!

X-Ray-Stag-Black-Tee_ts1300_R_1e79c33cShort-sleeved for the summer, longer sleeves for the evening, a hoodie to keep you warm in the gym until its your turn at the bars or while your biggest champion is gently suggesting, for the 5th time, to, “Point Those Toes!” Graphic tees and hoodies make fun gifts for your gymnastics lover this holiday season because they never go out of style!

You know the coach is always right. Show them your gymnast is listening with great gymnastics coach gifts like. “I’m the coach. To save time, I know everything”, “Don’t make me use my coach’s voice”, “Try doing what the coach suggested” and more! I’m sure we’ve got a tee shirt that would look great on your favorite gymnastics coach!

Are you a “Spoiled Rotten Gymnast”? Lol. Is “Gymnastics a gripping experience” for you? “It’s your moment. Own it”! Because…. This Christmas! “Gymnastics that’s whassup!”

To show the world that you and your coach, Got Chalk!”, gymnastics tee shirts and hoodies make great gifts. Branch out into “Got Chalk” bracelets, pens, bags, shorts, watches, jammies and more! Gymnastics themed gifts land a surefire hit at the gym Christmas party, making choosing a coach gift a done and DISCOUNTED deal!


Are your grips ready for the pearly gates?


Does strapping on your gymnastics grips feel like slipping into your favorite hoodie?

Do your grips give you that feeling of familiarity like laughing at inside jokes with your BFF, finishing their sentences and ordering for them at the drive-thru because you just know?

blue clown shoeBut, are they long enough that they look like the gymnastics grip equivalent of clown shoes?

Do you want to break your wrist?

Riiiight! That last part, not so much, really? Mmmm, yeah. We didn’t think so.

Unlike, a friendship, your relationship with your gymnastics grips shouldn’t continue for years and years. Unlike people, gymnastics grips need to be replaced: grips are disposable.

Gymnastics grips are worn by male gymnasts on the high bar and rings, by female gymnasts on the uneven bars.

When you first get a pair of gymnastics grips, kind of like shoes or boots, you’ll need to break them in so they fit and feel right. Once, that perfect fit hits, your grips become your best bud.

When swinging bars or or hitting iron crosses on the rings, like a best friend or a coach your grips have got your back. They’re a big factor in what keeps you holding on, allowing you to make the bold moves that make gymnastics, so breathtaking. Grips also protect your skin from that in/famous hazard of the sport: the gymnastics rip.

However, when that perfect fit stretches past its expiry date. Your gymnastics grips are no longer protecting you. They are endangering you.


Run Your Shop Like a Pro

Pro shopParents drop off or wait to pick up their kids at your gymnastics gym or club all day every day. What should they do while they wait?

Why shop at your gymnastics gym pro shop, of course!

Capitalizing on a captive audience is an organic fit for any children’s activity center. You run rec programs and competitive training programs. These activities require clothing and gear. Why not put in some best business practices and meet the needs of your market in a one-stop shop? Parents will appreciate your in-house expertise when determining sizing for gymnastics specific items like leotards and gymnastics grips.

Little Madison get a rip in class? You’ve got rip repair right there! Tape’s on tap, too!

TENO-Gifts-Summary-GiftsPlus, your gymnastics club does birthday parties, ninja outings, graduation parties, parents nights out and holiday events… Having a gift shop on the premises makes it just that much easier for everyone to get their gymnastics themed goodies while on one of the many runs parents make shuttling their kids to all their extra-curricular activities. (more…)

The Evolution of GMR: “I never really wanted to be an accountant, anyway!”


Born in ’52, George Michael Raines, President of GMR Gymnastics Sales (Yep! GMR…) found his passion for gymnastics at pools, trampoline parks and Lakeside High School.

An active, but shy kid, Mike practically grew up in the neighborhood pool and took to diving as a sport at age 10. Family outings to the local, in-ground trampoline park and his brother Tom’s trampolining at Briarcliff High School inspired Mike to try out for his school’s gymnastics team in the 8th grade. Mike remembers, still sounding a bit disheartened, “The coach dropped me because he wanted the older guys.”

“When I got to the 9th grade, my school didn’t have a team, as such. Guys who liked gymnastics tumbled on horse hair mats in the cafeteria after school. We did it on our own.” (more…)