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The Choice of Champions!

TenSport-Double-Buckle-Slant-Strap-Uneven-Bar-Grips-FREE-SHIPPING_g814_R_24ef0023While at USA Gymnastics’ Congress held alongside the 2019 US Gymnastics Championships, Mike and Kappy noted that many elite gymnasts – both male and female – use double buckle grips for their national competition bars and swing.

Ten-o recently debuted our own version of the popular, Swiss style, slant strap, double buckle grip because we want to offer our gymnasts that same feeling of double-buckle security at our more affordable price. 

When it comes down to it, gymnastics grips are very much a personal choice.

One athlete may prefer one sort of leather, one length or orientation of strap, one strap or two, buckles not velcro,  they may want finger holes with tabs or not… Just as every athlete’s body is different, so is the fit and feel of a gymnastics grip on their hand, wrist and arm.

Of course, EVERYONE loves our free shipping!

The Tensport Double Buckle Slant Strap Uneven Bars Grip (say that 10x fast) brings you that Swiss style, slanted straps, double-buckle fit. The slant of the straps and the fact that they are a bit longer lets you pull them down further. Maybe you want that? We definitely got that.


Region 8 Mini-Congress: Living La Vida Local!

IMG951503001Mike and Kappy attended the Region 8 Mini-Congress that was held in Atlanta this past June 28 – 30. If you’re not familiar with Congress or a Mini-Congress (where have you been?!), it’s a fantastic opportunity to learn the ins and outs of the gymnastics industry plus meet a lot of important industry vendors (GMR *hint hint*).

If we’re talking the National Congress or Congress, as it’s called, then you might just run into some gymnastics Olympic luminaries or see a major US Gymnastics competition. This year National Congress will be held in Kansas City, Missouri, August 9 – 11. Alongside, the USA Gymnastics National Congress and Trade Show (it’s super official, formal title) will be the 2019 United States National Championships. Attendees to Congress, are able to purchase these tickets at a reduced rate. Pretty sweet!

But we digress…

What happens at a regional mini-congress? A regional mini-congress is a great opportunity for folks of a particular geographic region to get together to teach and learn how to coach gymnastics, run a gym, run a meet and meet gymnastics industry vendors. The best part is that it’s within a modest driving distance because it’s always held within your gymnastics region or localized clumping of states. And, the entry fees are a bit cheaper.

For struggling gym clubs, that’s a big deal because its a lot easier for gym owners to bring more people to a location that’s closer to them for less money.

Mike and Kappy got lucky this year as the 2019  was held in Atlanta at the Crowne Plaza Ravinia which is only a little over 25 miles from GMR’s Lithonia HQ. That’s about 45 minutes, if the Atlanta Traffic Gods are being really nice.

20190618_105601This year Mike and Kappy saddled up the new GMR Trailer for its maiden voyage! Check out the fancy new wrap! Mike and Kappy hope to fire it up frequently and make it to more of your region 8 gymnastics meets. Besides price and proximity, mini-congress is a great opportunity for gymnastics coaches, gym club owners and devoted parents to connect.


GymnastX: Xcellence in Grips Security!

X-Band-Black-FREE-SHIPPING_xb340-b_R_24719f3fGymnastics provides a springboard to a lot of places in life: coaching, counseling, college scholarships, gym ownership, a lifelong love of physical fitness; a rarefied few make it to the Olympic podium. For Chris Lung, beginning gymnastics at the age of 4 paved his path to entrepreneurship as the founder of GymnastX.

Like GMR, GymnastX is a gymnastics gear and apparel company that cares. They sell silicon bands that secure the velcro grips gymnasts wear to prevent them from ripping off the bar. They sell stylish sports wear and specially treaded socks that keep gymnasts from slipping on the floor. Of significant importance, they provide financial support to individual gymnasts and causes near and dear to the hearts of the community as a whole.

Today, we are excited to announce that we are partnering with Chris and GymnastX to sell a selection of their X Band designs on our website with Free Shipping in the contiguous United States.

GymnastX Founder and CEO, Chris Lung’s life follows a course familiar to many gymnasts. He began his love of gymnastics as a pre-schooler. He went on to excel in the sport throughout his education. When he was on the gymnastics team as a high school senior, Chris made it to the United States’ national team where his hard work, skill, drive and dedication earned him the title of National Champion in the pommel horse event.

Good grades and gymnastics excellence garnered him a scholarship to the University of Illinois where he competed all 4 years. His senior year saw Chris take leadership of the university’s gymnastics team as its captain. That same year, the team won the Big Ten Championship and Chris earned the esteemed title of All-American in his best event the pommel horse. Though, if you ask him, Chris will tell you the high bar is his favorite.

After graduation, Chris went to work on his MBA from Babson College, a school renowned the world over for its focus and excellence in turning students into entrepreneurs. It was in an assignment for his entrepreneurship class that GymnastX was born.


On the Road Again!

Mike and 10.0

The longest running fans of Region 8 boys gymnastics – they helped start it back in the day – Mike and Kappy hit the road this month to see this year’s championship competitions.

First up was the Region 8 championships for boys competing in levels 7- 10, Junior Division April 5 – 7 in Alachua, Florida. Mike and Kappy took the GMR booth down to hangout and talk to kids and coaches and showcase our new TenSport Wave grip for junior boys.

The TenSport Wave grip is made especially for young gymnasts. It’s a single buckle, 3 finger high bar grip with wave design that offers a notch out for the little finger. Regular 3 finger grips are pretty wide which might not accommodate the hand size for a smaller gymnast. With the TenSport Wave grip, the notch nests the little finger in closer to the other fingers making it easier and more comfortable to keep hold of the bar as you Swing Bold!

While Mike and Kappy love talking to everyone in Region 8, there’s another, very special reason they always make it to the older boys championship meet. Mike gets to give away the 10.0 Award to each year’s most deserving high school senior!

Now in its 35th year, the 10.0 Award celebrates excellence in gymnastics, academics and community service. The 2019 winner is Adam Wooten out of Harpeth School of Gymnastics in Tennessee.

Highlights from Adam’s gymnastics and academic achievements include:

  • 3.91 GPA at University School of Nashville
  • Member in the Cum Laude Society
  • Coaches other gymnasts
  • 10th at USA Gymnastics Championships 2018
  • 6th on Rings at J.O. Nationals
  • Region 8 elite team member 2018
  • 5x Tennessee State Elite Team Member

Mike said he was super impressed by the skill level across the board at this competition. Mike says, “One gymnast in particular, Maxim Bereznev of Zenit Gymnastics out of Canton, GA blew my mind!” “At 14, he has the skill level of a much older gymnast!”

That’s not surprising given the gymnastics legacy of his gym owner, former gymnast now gymnastics coach parents. Maxim is the son of Elena and Michael Bereznev and is coached by his dad, Michael. Michael has quite an impressive resume having for a time been the coach of the Malaysian National Team and a coach at the National School of Olympics Trainees in St. Petersburg, Russia. He was an elite gymnast himself for 14 years before embarking on his 32 years and counting career as a coach. No wonder young Maxim took 1st place on the floor at this year’s Region 8 championships. Good genes and great coaching make a killer combination!

The weekend after, Mike and Kappy hit the road again heading down to Savannah, GA to catch boys levels 4 – 6 compete for 3 days.


PayPal Credit Could Be Your New BFF!

paypal2We’re always thinking of ways to help our small business customers bring the best gymnastics equipment and matting to their gymnasts.

Today, we’d like to announce that our website, ten-o.com , has partnered with the Internet’s most secure online payment system, PayPal, to provide you the opportunity to make your purchase using your PayPal account or get a loan for 6 months Interest Free using PayPal credit!

If you’ve been wondering how to get that coveted new vault table, ninja set-up, single bar trainer or the piece/s of equipment or gymnastics mats you need to update your gym, but can’t pay for it all upfront, look no further: using PayPal credit, you can make that happen, today!

Simply pick the items you want and send us a quote request. We’ll send you your quote for the items you’ve requested including any applicable taxes and shipping.

Once the purchase is set up, we’ll send you an invoice through PayPal and you can use PayPal credit, as your payment method to buy yourself some time and pay within 6 months without paying any interest!