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Poly Pads Are Poppin’!

Poly-Pads-Traffic-Signs-Set-of-3-FREE-SHIPPING_pp60_R_246dd0b3Pre-school kids are the cutest gymnasts ever!

They are not, however, paragons of focus.

Preschoolers are pretty much the human species answer to the kitten; which can make running your gymnastics club’s pre-school class feel kinda like coaching constantly popping popcorn. Left to their own devices, kids scuttle everywhere and are easily distracted. 

The solution? Distract them! We can help you work with that!

Young kids love color and shapes — bonus points for animals. They love to stitch together associations between their wild, vivid imaginations and points of reference in the real world. Your job is to take these natural inclinations and weave them into learning the rudimentary elements of life and future gymnastics skills.

Made of tough, non-toxic, durable vinyl, our poly pads can withstand the Category 4 winds of any preschool class. Thankfully, this also makes them super easy to clean after the adorable hordes have gone home to naps and snacks.

Poly-Pad-Sharks-Assorted-Color-Set-of-6-FREE-SHIPPING_pp20_R_246c2df1Our poly pads get their attractive colors and graphics during the molding process – not an easily chippable, superficial layer on the surface –  which works to ensure they stay vibrant class after class after class. When today’s preschoolers become tomorrow’s vaulters, your poly pads will still be helping the new crop learn color and shape recognition, develop focus and find placement orientation. All while they have fun with class warm-up activities!

The colors vary according to the set you purchase. They include: red, yellow, green, blue and purple.


Make This Valentine’s Day a 10.0!

chenille-valentine-bear_vb120_r_1549fc35Valentine’s Day is a fantastic opportunity to bring a little love and light into the hearts of your gymnasts and coaches!

February the 14th falls on a Thursday this year (2019). While it’s not a weekend night, it’s still great evening to throw a Parent’s Night Out party at your gymnastics club or gym allowing for parents to sneak in a date night and catch a break from the kids. As you know, Parent’s Nights Out can sneak a little extra revenue into your bottom line — and who couldn’t use a little more of that?

Make it a party and everyone’s happy! The gymnasts in this video introduce a neat little set of “Valentine’s Challenges” that you and your gymnast can do at home or you and your army of gymnasts can do at your gym to mark the occasion. We’ve included the video below, so you can see for yourself or share with your little valentine, but the gist of it is to pair a pile of Valentine’s oriented activities with gymnastics skills.

Examples of the Valentine’s ideas include: eat chocolate, give hugs, wear pink or red, recite poems… You could throw in a game of name celebrity couples in or outside of gymnastics, like Bart Conner and Nadia Comaneci or Aly Raisman and Tim Schafler. Your gymnast denizens of the ‘gymternet are pretty likely up to date on who’s dating or crushing on whom among gymnastics luminaries.


Olympic Leotards: A Retrospective!

Little is more iconic to the sport of women’s gymnastics than the leotard.

In women’s gymnastics culture, fondly known in cyber circles as The Gymternet, the finer points of leotard style are a fiercely debated topic on which there is no right or wrong answer. Olympic leotards, much like the olympics themselves, are a subject of much interest.

So, let’s take a look at how Olympic leotards have evolved.

The earliest of the early gymnastics costumes, you can hardly call them a leotard, comprised a short knee-length skirt and a long sleeved shirt. They covered as much skin as possible while still allowing the gymnast to execute a few movements. This was back in the days where gymnastics was more akin to dance than the death defying, acrobatic, highly skilled endeavor we see in competition today. You’ll see that much like with gymnastics equipment, gymnastics apparel evolves in tandem with the attempted skills of the athletes themselves.


Danish Gymnasts


Dowels! Grips for Growing Gymnasts!

G807TenSport3FingerHiBarGrip“Honeyyyyyyyyyy! What’s a dowel grip? Your coach says you need ‘Dowel Grips’!”

“Gosh, mom, you don’t know? They have this new thing called Google, ya know, says Jen the kid and tech-head gymnast, who’s devices are practically, congenitally attached. Kids these days… Jen reading from her phone, “The dictionary says a dowel is, ‘a peg of wood, metal, or plastic without a distinct head, used for holding together components of a structure.’”

Jen and the dictionary bring us to an important point. Our ten-o.com grips use a strong, rubber dowel to help create a pocket in the leather into which the bar or rail fit.

See, the leather protects the skin of the gymnast’s hand against the friction of the swing or the ring as the athlete executes their skills. A gymnast’s hands take a beating with all the repetitive motion in practice and competition. The weight of the gymnasts body coupled with the forces of swinging bars or holding the rings can cause the skin to rip. Grips won’t stop that all together — rips are a right of passage in the sport — but grips do help minimize the effects and damage of the physics inherent to the sport.  (more…)

Enter to Win!


Aisle 200, Booth #223 is where it’s at!

To highlight the advantages of our By GMR, Sag Bed Pit Bed System, we’re bringing a see-through, plexiglass, mini-Sag Bed Pit System to the trade show floor — complete with itty bitty, 2 inch, colored cubes for your pit cube counting pleasure!

Are you good at math, psychic or just generally lucky? Why not stop by and give us your best guess as to how many pit cubes we’ve used to fill our mini-Sag Bed Pit System gym pit?!

The Pit Specialists at By GMR, want you to see for yourself how our Sag Bed Pit System helps protect your athletes from the forces generated by all of those gravity defying skills we’ve come to love in our sport.

Our Sag Bed Pit Systems can be used to retro-fit your old pit or to start off right with your new gymnastics gym pit. For more information, we talk pits in depth here.


The lucky winner who comes closest to correctly guessing the number of tiny pit cubes we’ve used to fill the pit wins a $200 gift certificate to be used to make their GMR dreams come true!

But, that’s not all! (more…)

Our Deliveries Stick the Landing


On the surface, it’s not the most thrilling of blog topics. We know that. Careful packing and shipping is, however, what gets your equipment to your gym in pristine condition.

Ten-o.com and By GMR products ship all over the United States and around the world. By land, by air, by sea, even!

Whether you need it in Kentucky or Kenya, we take special care to ensure it gets to you as pretty as the picture in the catalogue or on our website.

Yes, we sweat the small stuff, too. For little things like leos, pins, tape, gifts and our world famous Christmas ornaments, we offer a range of shipping options to suit your preference and budget. You can choose FedEx or USPS ground, 1st or 2nd day air.

We employ a system that tracks packages at every step and keeps you apprised of their movements. We scan and you get an email automatically with the tracking number that will let you watch it wing its way to your door.

Need it for lil Susie’s meet this weekend? We got you!

And, The Winner Is!


Do you live in Men’s Gymnastics Region 8? (Hint: Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Tennessee).

Do you know, coach or parent an accomplished, senior male gymnast who enjoys a stellar GPA at his high school? If so, we’d love to consider him for our annual 10.0 Award!

Every year, we accept and review nominations of excellent high school male gymnasts, who live in the Region 8 area, who might benefit as recipients of our 10.0 Award. Candidates must submit a biography outlining their gymnastics accomplishments, their academic record and a short essay describing their extra-curricular activities. (more…)