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Hit the Spot!


Gymnastics coaches are looking at a multitude of factors in the split second, real time it takes to execute a skill like a reverse hecht, a yaeger or a pirouette. Coaches are looking at things like body position, angle, toe point, momentum and most importantly of all… how to prevent or stop a life changing injury.

The last thing gymnastics coaches need, in those moments, is to worry about whether they feel stable or are going to fall off a wobbly or mushy spotting block.

Other gymnastics industry spotting blocks are comprised of only a top layer of cross link polyethylene foam over a block of polyurethane foam.

Ours are different.

Mike spent over a decade climbing atop a spotting block coaching his boys’ teams. He knows coaches focused on minutiae in the movements of their gymnasts, as they drill and execute complex skills, require a balanced and stable platform that will support their weight.

nekkid blockAll sides of our By GMR spotting blocks are covered in a 1 3/8in. crosslink foam. Not just the top! Inside this cube of crosslink is a block of high density, hard foam. The whole thing is wrapped in 18oz. double coated polyester fabric to make it easy to clean and as durable on the outside, as it is on the inside. To move from station to station in your gym, just grab the handles.

Our ByGMR spotting blocks come standard in red, so you can find them in the sea of blue mats found in most gyms. However, if you’ve got another color preference, we’d be happy to accommodate you. We offer a variety of custom colors. If you like, we can also add velcro to the bottom, so that it sticks to your gymnastics club’s carpet bonded foam for ninja or parkour fun!

Spotting blocks come in the two sizes: 2ft x 2ft x 4ft or 2ft x 3ft x 4ft. Or you can go with our Multi-mods spotting block system.

The Multi-Mods spotting block comes with 3 blocks of differing sizes in yellow, red and blue for quick differentiation. They are 11in., 19in. and 27 in., respectively.

Each module secures with hook and loop flaps and can be secured to the bar upright with straps, so it will not turn over. The Multi-mods block is perfect for uneven bars, rings, high bar or a single bar trainer. Individually the blocks can be used as a 1st, 2nd and 3rd place award stand. They also make great climbing elements for pre-school and special needs gymnastics classes or ninja, parkour programs.

Go Hard On Our Soft Rails!

ByGMR-40mm-Graphite-Soft-Rail_a40945_R_243fa5a2Details count in gymnastics. All of them. Every toe point and wobble counts, or doesn’t. Excellence is measured to even a thousandth of a point.

When your athletes train for hours upon hours, day after day, trading evenings out with friends, dates, birthday parties… regular every day leisure time to perfect their craft, they expect the best from themselves and their equipment. You and your athletes get deep in the details and so do we.

That’s why we’re offering our new 40mm Graphite Soft Rail. It’s constructed with a hollow fiberglass core securely surrounded by a laminated wood veneer to give it that smooth surface you know and love in your By GMR gymnastics bar rails. What makes the 40mm Graphite Soft Rail special is that the fiberglass tube inside contains fewer strands of fiber. This makes the rail ‘softer’ and more flexible. It gives it more ‘give’, if you will.

That softness and flexibility provides your athletes a finer edge when training and competing. A ‘softer’, more flexible rail bends with the weight and movement of the gymnast. As it bends, as opposed to being stiff, the rail recoils or recovers more quickly to the center position. A softer gymnastics bar rail offers more dynamic action that, in turn, provides your gymnasts more momentum to complete their skills. They swing easier. They train easier.

They also train on the type of rail they will meet in competition. Our 40mm Graphite Soft Rail complies with USAG, NCAA and NFHS competition specifications. Each bar rail is 94.5″ long from center to center of the attachment point with grey end collars. It will fit BY GMR unevens, single bar trainers and other gymnastics bar equipment similar in design.

A critical note, due to the softness of the rail and it’s resultant flexibility you would only use this rail on cabled equipment. You would not put this rail on an non-cabled single bar trainer, for example.

Individual Straps for Strapping Young Gymnasts

Love honing your bar game, but worrying about peeling off the bar… maybe… not so much? We can help!

We now sell our super, solid, gymnastics training bar straps in individual pairs!

Of course, we still offer our 8-pair packs that come color coded by length, so each athlete or age class can find the straps that are just right for them. They’re part and parcel of gymnastics training equipment gyms keep on hand for all their gymnastics bar flies!

However, after hearing from gymnastics club owners, parents and gymnasts seeking to keep their own personal bar straps at the ready, in the color coded length they’re used to from their gym’s stash, we’ve begun offering them in pairs for individual sale.

No longer will you have to scour the gym searching for the green or the pink pair you prefer. Is it, maybe, under that pile of mats in the corner? Or are they deep in a random bucket of grips, wrist bands, scrunchies and whathaveyou’s?

Pair-of-Gymnastics-Training-Bar-Straps_bs932pr_R_2049db66Would you like your very own pair of gymnastics bar straps rather than the common use pair coated in every cootie that’s snuck in the gym and started a throat scratch and a sniffle? Keep your goo to yourself with your own pair of gymnastics training bar straps — found right where you think they are: in your gym bag!

Gymnastics training bar straps take the pressures off of swinging giants by helping gymnasts stay attached to the bar by nature of being strapped to it.

Bar straps are worn bare-handed with no grips, one on each wrist, secured, comfortably over a wrist band. They work in conjunction with a PVC tube that slides over the steel, high bar which is the only type rail that you should use when working with training bar straps. Please don’t try to use them on a women’s uneven rail or with grips. By the way, never use your uneven bar grips or men’s ring grips on a steel bar. They’re too long! It’s not safe.


Anchor Mats Away!

T840G-VAULT-ANCHOR-MAT4X8X12CM_am4812_R_23f0386eNeed a little extra height when spotting gymnasts at the vault table? Our anchor mat for the Choco vault table puts you in the perfect position to correct and guide your gymnasts through the best body alignment for excellence and safety when vaulting.

Gymnasts hit a vault table at high speed and with a lot of force! You certainly wouldn’t want the landing mat to slide out from under your athletes when they land their vault. Our anchor mat takes all of the worry off your shoulders by connecting and securely attaching the landing mat to the under-the-table vault mat using super secure velcro connectors at the end of the mat.

Our ByGMR anchor mat makes the perfect complement to your By GMR Choco Vault Table due to its special design. We’ve cut out an area of the mat underneath, so that the legs and base of the vault table fit snug and secure beneath it. Everything lays perfectly flat!

The two pictures below illustrate the recessed areas where each underside of the mat fits over the base and legs of your vault table. Your vault table anchor mat fits flat over the base and legs and wraps around the center of your table which is accommodated by the middle hole. Wide lengths of velcro’d belts stretch out from either side anchoring the mat and the table down firm and flat.


am4812_2_R_23edebb1                     Middle Hole 2

The vault table anchor mat measures 48in. x 96in. x12cm (4.75”) or, rather, is 4 feet by 8 feet is 4 3/4 inches thick. Nice and wide, nice and firm. Super secure. Slide the mat over the base of the table. Connect and anchor your landing mat with the attached velcro straps and you’re good to go!

If you like, you can get your vault table anchor mat and competition landing mat in custom colors to match the rest of your gym or gymnastics team’s colors. We’ve thought of everything!

Dare to Beam!

CARPETED-BEAM-PAD-WRAP-985-_cbp_R_23e49ee6Flips, turns and aerials on a 4 inch gymnastics competition beam can be intimidating to even the most advanced and skilled of athletes. For the itty bitty kids, after school rec kids or gymnasts with special needs, a regular sized 4 inch beam can feel even more daunting or just be out of reach.

But, what if that beam were 4 inches wider? Think of the possibilities?!

We have!

Our carpeted beam pads turn any low or high competition sized beam into a 8 inch hot dog beam. Expanding the width of your existing beam, expands the possibilities for every kid in your gym without gym owners having to expand their budget to purchase a separate and wider beam.

Gymnasts at every level will welcome the opportunity to widen their horizons; as well as their skill set on a beam that helps allay their fears while they venture to learn something new or work difficult drills.

Gymnasts at any level can, temporarily, switch up their focus to hone different elements of skills old and new or practice stitching together a new routine with less worry about that, ya know, whole the falling off part.

We spoke with Allison from Douglasville Gymnastics about how she uses her carpeted beam pads and what she likes about them. She told us she uses them in the rec room and the preschool room for kids in age ranges from 18 months to 14 years. She says they’re sturdy and they make the beam easy to grab from underneath when doing forward rolls. She never takes them off!

Simply put, carpeted beam pads puts beam work within the reach of gymnasts who are less wise to the ways of a 4 inch width by giving them some breathing room.


Ninja At The Gym? Of Course?

real-life-ninja-all-in-package_rln-all_r_236b4aa9Gymnasts as ninjas? It’s the perfect career path! Agility, strength and the ability to flip at whim all reside comfortably in the gymnast’s wheelhouse. But, where to hone these stealth ninja skills?

These last few years, gymnastics clubs have seen an ever increasing demand for ninja action classes in their gyms. What is ninja in the gymnastics context? Well, what we call ninja also goes by parkour and free running in the wider world.

Parkour comes from the French word “parcours” which means running from one point to another in the quickest, most direct way — no matter the obstacle. In fact! It’s the obstacles that make it all the more challenging and fun!

To meet your ninja needs, we’ve added more obstacles (mats and climbing rigs), so YOUR GYM can serve your parkour public! Ninja birthday parties are all the rage with the kids meaning they’re great gym club money makers. Adults, too, are getting in on the action as the popularity of the American Ninja Warrior television show rises.


2019! New Year! New Products!

dept-mid-ninjaparkour-2x (1)

2018 was an extra special year for us at GMR Gymnastics Sales; in that we celebrated our 40th year in the gymnastics gear and equipment business! We are so blessed to work to support the beautiful, strong and graceful sport of gymnastics that brings so much grace to the lives it touches. These 40 years we’ve literally a labored in love.

None of which would be possible without the coaches, gymnasts and gym owners that are the backbone of gymnastics. We learn from you all the time and love it when we get an opportunity to collaborate for the benefit of gymnasts. Last year, we had the honor of working with Coaches Dawn Campos and Danelle Catlett of Solid Rock Gymnastics LINK to create the Dawn Mat. The Dawn Mat offers a built-in spotting deck attached to a downward slope that is still 12 inches from the ground. This one of a kind wedge shape lets you position a skill cushion at the end of the mat for softer landings. Used horizontally or vertically, it’s super versatile for a variety of skill drills. For more info and video of many of the skills you can train using this unique GMR/Coach mat collabo, do check out this post.

trapezoid-36x48x48_m151_r_23c66225 (1)Mat-wise, we’ve also updated the colors on our gymnastics trapezoid mat. For spotting or vaulting, our height adjustable trapezoids now come in the fun new colors: orange, purple, lime green, blue.

Last year, on Facebook, we asked our gymnastics community friends what YOU could use in your gymnastics practice. Based on your feedback, we developed the S-band and the #3 to help you keep your gymnastics grips in place. Less fiddling, more swinging!