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Gymnastics Gifts Galore!

Winter-Wonderland-Christmas-Ball-FREE-SHIPPING_co13318_R_234f9db4We’re stuffed full of stuffing and gnawing our way through Thanksgiving leftovers and Boom! It’s Christmas/Hannukah/Kwanzaa shopping season!

Your child eats, sleeps and breathes gymnastics. Coaches get gifts for their athletes and gymnasts give appreciation gifts to their coaches who do so much for them all year. Sure the stores are full of stuff, but where do you get the good stuff? The gymnastics goodies?! Why Ten-o of course!

Sort of like your own, gymnastics themed advent calendar, every day ’til Friday, the 21st of December. We want to make sure and have enough shipping lead time. Ordering early means you can use regular shipping. As you get later in the season, it will require 2nd Day or Express Mail to get it to you in time for your holiday celebration. We’re offering deals of the day on all your gymnastics goodness for kids and coaches, alike!

From discounts on graphic tee-shirts to gymnastics charms, leotards, grips and more, check in at ten-o.com daily for the ease of finding the perfect present for the gymnastics geeks in your life! At a discount!

Stuff your stockings to the brim with pins and charms to bring smiles to the eyes of your favorite gymnast! Does your gym or home do a Christmas tree? Your gym? Deck the hallowed halls of your gymnastics club or living room with our annual, collectible Christmas ornament!

Every year since forever, or actually 1996. Our skilled elves handpaint a gymnastics themed Christmas ornament to decorate your tree with the spirit of gymnastics Christmas present!

Holiday-Leap-Retrospective-Set-of-6-Mini-Christmas-Balls_cb6_R_15d6c48f                                           Gymnastic-Skills-Retro-Mini-Christmas-Ball-Set-of-6_xb16_R_1f7fd762     

It’s actually pretty amazing how they do it. Each ornament is delicately painted through a tiny hole on the inside to capture the joy that is our beloved sport!

This year our ornament features a gymnast in flight in our “Winter Wonderland” edition.  Shipping is FREE, ho ho ho!

Maybe, like so many, you’ve collected them over the years. Or, if you’re new to the game, you can score this year’s ornament and stock up on the ornaments of Christmases passed.

Of course, you’re going to want to keep it cute. We’ve made it easy for you with our beautiful holiday foil bags. We wanted to give this year’s gymnastics gift that extra special flare. Wrapping can be fun or it can be a pain in the rear. Sometimes it feels silly when it’s something small, but still you want to add some sparkle.

Colored-Foil-Envelope-114-x-162mm_fenv2018_R_238846f5Our foil bags in winter holiday colors are sturdy and gorgeous: gold, red and USA flag! Finish it off with a gymnastics themed label that comes with it to make it part and parcel of your gymnastics life. Even better! The foil bags get cheaper when you buy a bit more. 10 or less for $2 a piece. 11 or more for $1! These are a great opportunity for coaches to shower holiday joy on all their athletes and keep everyone connected.

We also have some super cute holiday envelopes with gymnastics gift labels for the same killer quantity based deal. Buy 10 or less and they’re a $1. 11 or more and they’re a mere .50 a piece.

If you’re a gymnast and wondering what to get your coach, no worries there. We got you! When you hit the home page daily for our Christmas deals, you’ll surely hit the jackpot with our 25% off on graphic tees deal for that tell-it-like-it-is coach in your life!

10% off Simone Biles Equipment for Christmas!


Nothing, but nothing, puts the stars in a young gymnast’s eyes like the name: Simone Biles. She is to today’s generation what names like Mary Lou Retton, Nadia Comaneci and Olga Korbut are to gymnasts of yesterday.

Simone Biles is THAT gymnast in a generation with a rare gift that inspires. That’s why we’ve put all of our Simone Biles training equipment on sale at 10% off  so you can give the gift of Biles’ borne inspiration to the young gymnasts in your life this Christmas!

Spieth America partnered with Simone Biles to bring a line of training equipment to today’s generation of gymnasts to see what They Can Do. And, as you can see, Ms. Biles styled her Simone Biles signature line in her favorite color: Purple! (more…)

Super Santa Giveaway 2017



You read that right! It’s almost like being on a game show! Just call us Santa! this Christmas, we’re doing it THAT BIG with our Super Santa Christmas Giveaway!

To get your chance to win, just check back at our ten-o.com Advent Calendar and follow the contest instructions! (complete with adorable pictures of our very own office dogs! Pictured here is the big ol’ sweetheart, Chewy, very patiently dressed as a reindeer) You’ll also find all the legal, contest rules and such, should you wish to see that stuff.

Entering is a snap. The winners of prizes worth $500.00 are chosen for 5 days in November and for 14 days in December! In total, we’re giving away over $8,000 in gymnastics prizes this holiday season! What’s Santa got on us? Nothin’!

Here’s how it works:

Each day has its own prize page. Share the page for each day on your preferred social media spot among Facebook, Twitter or Instagram (or increase your chances by sharing on all 3, why not!) and add the hashtag: #GmrSuperSanta17 Don’t forget the hashtag! That’s how we find your entry!

That’s it! So easy!

Christmas Deal of the Day!

2017You know what they say! A deal a day helps keep the doctor away during the holidays!

This year Ten-o cures what wassails ya: Christmas shopping done in a deal-a-day! No more crowds, malls and wondering where in the heck you’re going to find gymnastics themed gifts for your gymnast who lives, breathes and handsprings gymnastics down the hall to her bedroom!

Every day ’til December 22nd, just check back on our Ten-o homepage to see what the day’s deal is.

Each day one product category will be deeply discounted making your gymnastics Christmas shopping that much easier, if not done! The early bird’s worm wakes at 7am, Monday through Thursday and retires at 11:59am that same day. Friday through Sunday, get your gymnastics themed Christmas gift deal beginning Friday at 7am continuing throughout the weekend until Sunday until 11:59pm.

Just follow this link:


to get the product code you’ll use for the product category on sale for that day. You’ll see it in the sign held up by the Christmas elf!

Mystery Stocking Stuffer 2017

StufferNot sure what to gift your team of little Cindy Lou Who’s at this year’s gymnastics club Christmas party?

Everybody’s put their stockings up on the high beam and now it’s time to stuff them with gymnastics themed good cheer!

Ten-o can help Santa and Mrs. Coach do that in one fell swoop with our Mystery Stocking Stuffer special! The magic of the North Pole, dispatched from its Lithonia, Georgia outpost, brings you 30 mystery gymnastics themed, Christmas gift items, valued at $175 retail, for the low price of $39.95, shipped FREE in the 48 contiguous states!

Your young, gymnastics elves will be delighted to see the holiday come alive in gymnastics Christmas ball charms, Cloggels, pins, magnets, bracelets, keychains, laptop skins, stickers, beamie socks, hair ornaments, Gymmy Bandz, gift bags and event earrings.

Many gymnasts have made it a tradition throughout the community to collect and trade our pins!

Each mystery stocking stuffer set is the same, so you know; it’s only a mystery once. Our Stocking Stuffer set is chock full of shiny and gymnastics Christmas and that’s something you’re not likely to find in stores or anywhere else. Little gymnasts love seeing their passion for the sport they love reflected in their Christmas morning. They will be running around the gym and the tree wearing their new gymnastics gift goodies with smiles and pride!

For the craft-inclined coach or gymnastics mom— and we know you’re out there!— these gymnastics holiday gifts would go great in an advent calendar!

Tumbling into Christmas 2017

Can you paint fine details, in reverse mirror-image, through a tiny hole onto a thin, delicate piece of glass? No?

Unsurprisingly, neither can we. Lucky for all of us, we’ve found some very talented folks who can.

Years ago, sometime in the late 1990’s, at China’s world renowned Canton Trade Fair, Mike and Kappy met Mr. Liu, a sweet, unassuming, gifted painter.

Mr. Liu works for a small factory in China that does the most delicate of handiwork. Kappy, who has an eye and a soft spot for artisanal crafts, was on the hunt for something special to bring to ten-o.com’s Christmas gift offerings. She knew she had found something unique in Mr. Liu’s talent.

Mr. Liu is old school Chinese and doesn’t speak a word of English, so they spoke through a translator, a young kid. Even through a translator, you can get a feel for people. The translator’s words were accompanied by smiles and bows. Kappy could tell he wanted to communicate on his own and so did she, so she set about learning Mandarin Chinese, so she could talk with the folks that make the few things that aren’t made here in our Lithonia, GA HQ.

When she & Mike returned to China, Kappy greeted and spoke with Mr. Liu in his native language such that he was able to understand and communicate back using his own voice. He cried, moved that she had made such an effort to reach out to him. She cried, moved that she had succeeded in reaching him so deeply. It was such an emotional moment for both of them. It’s one of her favorite memories in her journey with GMR and one that adds one of the many layers of richness to the 18 year tradition of ten-o.com‘s ornament offerings.