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Is It a Mirage or Your Gymnastics Pit?

ByGMR-Pit-Cube-Cover_pcc_R_24e46f81Want to have the coolest looking gymnastics pit around? Like, literally, it looks like a swimming pool reflecting the sun! Get some new pit cube covers!

Not just optical illusion cool, they literally help keep your gym from catching fire! What?

If you throw gymnasts at blocks of foam over and over and over again, it’s going to crumble that foam. Pit cubes can’t be both a soft landing and completely and forever indestructible. Eventually, those pit cubes are going to break down into crumbs and dust. While the pit cubes, themselves, are (often) fire retardant, their dust and bits isn’t. Ignite them and they flash immediately!

And well, if you want to stay in the good graces of your local fire marshall – and you do, if you want to remain open – you’ll want to do something about your pit cube detritus.

Pretty and practical, our ByGMR pit cube covers are just the ticket! They are made of a polyester and spandex warp knitted fabric that features a velcro enclosure which makes it easy to insert and close the cube and it’s future flammable dust into the cover. With less contact with flying objects, your pit cubes last longer. They will help keep your pit generally cleaner, too!

If you’re using pit cube covers over only one size of pit cube, the slippery nature of all pit cube covers combined with the uniformity of cubes will cause your gymnasts to fall through to the bottom because the pit cubes will stack. To prevent this, we recommend you mix up the shapes and sizes of your pit cubes.


Shoot for the stars!

LITTLE-STARS-VAULT-BOARD_t109ls_R_241d3af0Successful gymnasts are forged in the gym with hours of practice, hard work, discipline and dedication. They start young and they put in the work.

Just like the big stars of gymnastics world: Simone Biles, Laurie Hernandez, Gabbie Douglas, Aly Raisman and Madison Kocian. They started small.

Some will aim for college scholarships, meet victories, personal bests. Some will dream of the Olympics. Some kids just play after school with their friends and burn off energy without paying much attention to how much gymnastics brings them physically and socially. It’s all in good fun.

No matter which gymnasts you coach or who they will grow up to be, we know your goal is to capture their imagination in your gymnastics gym.

That’s why we’ve come out with the newest member of our equipment family: The Little Stars pre-school vault board!

This vault board *really* is for “Little Stars”. That is, it’s built for kids who are 50lbs. and under. It’s to get young imaginations flowing while their physical coordination is developing.

Rec programs, pre-school, special needs. Anyone under 50lbs. will delight in jumping on this 5 mini-spring, gorgeous star-carpeted vault board.

(Let them get the bouncing out of their system, safely in the gym, rather than on their bed or the couch at home!)

At 20 inches wide x 30 inches long, this is Goldielocks’ perfect sized vault board for younger gymnasts. The longer crown and shorter length are just the right dimensions to get small children’s muscles learning and remembering how to hurdle and punch.


Individual Straps for Strapping Young Gymnasts

Love honing your bar game, but worrying about peeling off the bar… maybe… not so much? We can help!

We now sell our super, solid, gymnastics training bar straps in individual pairs!

Of course, we still offer our 8-pair packs that come color coded by length, so each athlete or age class can find the straps that are just right for them. They’re part and parcel of gymnastics training equipment gyms keep on hand for all their gymnastics bar flies!

However, after hearing from gymnastics club owners, parents and gymnasts seeking to keep their own personal bar straps at the ready, in the color coded length they’re used to from their gym’s stash, we’ve begun offering them in pairs for individual sale.

No longer will you have to scour the gym searching for the green or the pink pair you prefer. Is it, maybe, under that pile of mats in the corner? Or are they deep in a random bucket of grips, wrist bands, scrunchies and whathaveyou’s?

Pair-of-Gymnastics-Training-Bar-Straps_bs932pr_R_2049db66Would you like your very own pair of gymnastics bar straps rather than the common use pair coated in every cootie that’s snuck in the gym and started a throat scratch and a sniffle? Keep your goo to yourself with your own pair of gymnastics training bar straps — found right where you think they are: in your gym bag!

Gymnastics training bar straps take the pressures off of swinging giants by helping gymnasts stay attached to the bar by nature of being strapped to it.

Bar straps are worn bare-handed with no grips, one on each wrist, secured, comfortably over a wrist band. They work in conjunction with a PVC tube that slides over the steel, high bar which is the only type rail that you should use when working with training bar straps. Please don’t try to use them on a women’s uneven rail or with grips. By the way, never use your uneven bar grips or men’s ring grips on a steel bar. They’re too long! It’s not safe.


By GMR on the Spot!

They’ve mastered the the round-off-back-handspring, now they want to do the really BIG stuff. You can see they’ve got that fire in their spirit, but they’re a little afraid. What do you do?

Strap ‘em in and string ‘em up! One of the best sets of training wheels is the gymnastics spotting rig!

Over-Head-Spotting-RigA spotting rig is a set of ropes and pulleys suspended from the ceiling that are attached to a spotting belt which a coach uses to support gymnasts as they learn and execute flipping and twisting moves. Spotting rigs help gymnasts incorporate advanced elements that are used as part and parcel of a gymnast’s routine or as end bits that put the bang in a dismount for all sorts of gymnastic events such as uneven bars, beam, parallel bars, trampoline, floor and rings.

In addition, to your spotting rig’s many merits instilling flips and twists into muscle memory, spotting rigs are worth their weight in gold for what they do for your gymnasts’ mental state. Fear is a factor when it comes to gymnasts taking their first flights forwards, even more so, backward.


Happy 40th Birthday, GMR!


Oh Lordy! GMR’s 40!

And, we couldn’t be prouder of our company’s entrance into middle age! It’s hard fought and well-earned through an industry that has changed a great deal since we started that fateful 1st of September, 1978. Mike, The Old Gymnastics Guy, got the bald spot and creaky joints to prove it.

DawnBackhandTrainerSideAdsOur version of buying an expensive, red convertible this past year was we up and designed a sleek, innovative new mat, our Dawn Mat!

We streamlined our website to keep up with the trend of mobile devices, so that when you look at Ten-o on the go, everything is tailored for clarity and convenience. We trimmed our paper catalogue to just the highlights on our most popular products. We expanded our product lines to include re-selling equipment and parts offerings from all of the other major manufacturers in the business.

One of the benefits of Mike’s 40 years in the biz is that if you got a piece of equipment or a part you can’t identify: Mike can.

The-Basic-Mushroom_t182_R_1bee73e2Mike made the first Mushroom™ that went on to become an integral part of boy’s gymnastics training and a boy’s competition event in its own right.

He took the single bar trainer and made it the super space saver that makes it the single best piece of training equipment in your gym or club.

He took that tight, old pit tramp bed that wasn’t providing the deceleration of forces that protects athletes and loosened it up and made the Sag Bed Pit System that ensures your gymnasts are safer when training the risky skills that make gymnastics magic.

Mystery-Stocking-Stuffer-2017_mss2017_R_21a6fff2The industry has changed a lot over the years since Mike and Kappy put out the first catalogue, since they gave boys practical training apparel, since they brought grips to the US and put lycra in athletic wear… when they put stars in the eyes of young gymnasts who got gymnastics  themed gifts under their Christmas trees.

GMR Gymnastics Sales is the only company that did or does Everything for Gymnastics — since 1978! From equipment to mats to apparel to pits to gifts to grips to designing your entire gym, we bring 40 years of experience to bear on your investments big and small.

Mike started out as a gymnast in the ’60’s. He went on to coach for 15 years. GMR stands for George Mike Raines. It grew out of his tiny apartment into a 32,000 square foot warehouse and corporate office space in Lithonia, Georgia. Every minute of these 40 years has been a labor of love.

We have YOU to thank for it.

We are grateful for your enduring trust and support as you rely on us to equip your gyms, clothe your gymnasts, sag your pit beds and design your gymnastics club facilities.

IMG_1093The gymnastics club market started in 1976, so 1978 was a great time to get in on the action and help grow the sport that means so much to Mike and Kappy and the rest of the ByGMR staff.

It’s been a privilege to cheer on so many young gymnasts as they compete against their fears, then grow up to coach and keep the sport alive through growing gym club businesses of their own.

We love answering your questions about how to install those rings, how to best utilize the space you’ve got and how to route the flow of your gym around the column in the middle of the building. Our customers and this sport are everything.

Thank you for our 40 years together. Thank you for Everything Gymnastics Since 1978.