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GymnastX: Xcellence in Grips Security!

X-Band-Black-FREE-SHIPPING_xb340-b_R_24719f3fGymnastics provides a springboard to a lot of places in life: coaching, counseling, college scholarships, gym ownership, a lifelong love of physical fitness; a rarefied few make it to the Olympic podium. For Chris Lung, beginning gymnastics at the age of 4 paved his path to entrepreneurship as the founder of GymnastX.

Like GMR, GymnastX is a gymnastics gear and apparel company that cares. They sell silicon bands that secure the velcro grips gymnasts wear to prevent them from ripping off the bar. They sell stylish sports wear and specially treaded socks that keep gymnasts from slipping on the floor. Of significant importance, they provide financial support to individual gymnasts and causes near and dear to the hearts of the community as a whole.

Today, we are excited to announce that we are partnering with Chris and GymnastX to sell a selection of their X Band designs on our website with Free Shipping in the contiguous United States.

GymnastX Founder and CEO, Chris Lung’s life follows a course familiar to many gymnasts. He began his love of gymnastics as a pre-schooler. He went on to excel in the sport throughout his education. When he was on the gymnastics team as a high school senior, Chris made it to the United States’ national team where his hard work, skill, drive and dedication earned him the title of National Champion in the pommel horse event.

Good grades and gymnastics excellence garnered him a scholarship to the University of Illinois where he competed all 4 years. His senior year saw Chris take leadership of the university’s gymnastics team as its captain. That same year, the team won the Big Ten Championship and Chris earned the esteemed title of All-American in his best event the pommel horse. Though, if you ask him, Chris will tell you the high bar is his favorite.

After graduation, Chris went to work on his MBA from Babson College, a school renowned the world over for its focus and excellence in turning students into entrepreneurs. It was in an assignment for his entrepreneurship class that GymnastX was born.


Gold Medal Gymnastics Gifts for Coaches and Kids!

Crazy-Coach-Tee_ts1172_R_15d45cdf“You don’t have to be crazy to be a coach. The gymnasts will train you.” Ha! Truer words were never put on a tee shirt. That’s why you should score your coach or gymnast the perfect gymnastics Christmas gift this year!

Maybe people can tell you’re into gymnastics by your excellent physical condition or killer flexibility, your daring attitude in life and the fact that just about everything you own might be covered in chalk. But, why not rep the sport you love and the life you live with a gymnastics tee shirt or hoodie this Christmas?

Better yet, why not help your friends and loved ones tell the world they do the baddest sport there is: gymnastics!

X-Ray-Stag-Black-Tee_ts1300_R_1e79c33cShort-sleeved for the summer, longer sleeves for the evening, a hoodie to keep you warm in the gym until its your turn at the bars or while your biggest champion is gently suggesting, for the 5th time, to, “Point Those Toes!” Graphic tees and hoodies make fun gifts for your gymnastics lover this holiday season because they never go out of style!

You know the coach is always right. Show them your gymnast is listening with great gymnastics coach gifts like. “I’m the coach. To save time, I know everything”, “Don’t make me use my coach’s voice”, “Try doing what the coach suggested” and more! I’m sure we’ve got a tee shirt that would look great on your favorite gymnastics coach!

Are you a “Spoiled Rotten Gymnast”? Lol. Is “Gymnastics a gripping experience” for you? “It’s your moment. Own it”! Because…. This Christmas! “Gymnastics that’s whassup!”

To show the world that you and your coach, Got Chalk!”, gymnastics tee shirts and hoodies make great gifts. Branch out into “Got Chalk” bracelets, pens, bags, shorts, watches, jammies and more! Gymnastics themed gifts land a surefire hit at the gym Christmas party, making choosing a coach gift a done and DISCOUNTED deal!


Olympic Leotards: A Retrospective!

Little is more iconic to the sport of women’s gymnastics than the leotard.

In women’s gymnastics culture, fondly known in cyber circles as The Gymternet, the finer points of leotard style are a fiercely debated topic on which there is no right or wrong answer. Olympic leotards, much like the olympics themselves, are a subject of much interest.

So, let’s take a look at how Olympic leotards have evolved.

The earliest of the early gymnastics costumes, you can hardly call them a leotard, comprised a short knee-length skirt and a long sleeved shirt. They covered as much skin as possible while still allowing the gymnast to execute a few movements. This was back in the days where gymnastics was more akin to dance than the death defying, acrobatic, highly skilled endeavor we see in competition today. You’ll see that much like with gymnastics equipment, gymnastics apparel evolves in tandem with the attempted skills of the athletes themselves.


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