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GymnastX: Xcellence in Grips Security!

X-Band-Black-FREE-SHIPPING_xb340-b_R_24719f3fGymnastics provides a springboard to a lot of places in life: coaching, counseling, college scholarships, gym ownership, a lifelong love of physical fitness; a rarefied few make it to the Olympic podium. For Chris Lung, beginning gymnastics at the age of 4 paved his path to entrepreneurship as the founder of GymnastX.

Like GMR, GymnastX is a gymnastics gear and apparel company that cares. They sell silicon bands that secure the velcro grips gymnasts wear to prevent them from ripping off the bar. They sell stylish sports wear and specially treaded socks that keep gymnasts from slipping on the floor. Of significant importance, they provide financial support to individual gymnasts and causes near and dear to the hearts of the community as a whole.

Today, we are excited to announce that we are partnering with Chris and GymnastX to sell a selection of their X Band designs on our website with Free Shipping in the contiguous United States.

GymnastX Founder and CEO, Chris Lung’s life follows a course familiar to many gymnasts. He began his love of gymnastics as a pre-schooler. He went on to excel in the sport throughout his education. When he was on the gymnastics team as a high school senior, Chris made it to the United States’ national team where his hard work, skill, drive and dedication earned him the title of National Champion in the pommel horse event.

Good grades and gymnastics excellence garnered him a scholarship to the University of Illinois where he competed all 4 years. His senior year saw Chris take leadership of the university’s gymnastics team as its captain. That same year, the team won the Big Ten Championship and Chris earned the esteemed title of All-American in his best event the pommel horse. Though, if you ask him, Chris will tell you the high bar is his favorite.

After graduation, Chris went to work on his MBA from Babson College, a school renowned the world over for its focus and excellence in turning students into entrepreneurs. It was in an assignment for his entrepreneurship class that GymnastX was born.


Exchange Items Ship for Free!

PumpkinAnPickTicketOrder the wrong size of grips? Want a t-shirt in a different color? No problem. We can exchange any small items such as grips, apparel, training support gear and we’ll ship your exchange item for free! That’s right! Free shipping on your exchange!

No one likes a hassle. While some companies may make you call and get a return authorization or make you buy some return coupon that pays for the shipping on your exchange item, we don’t want our customers to have to deal with all that. We know just how busy you are running a gym that does it all. You train serious gymnasts. You run rec programs that help local kids stay fit and local parents stay sane. You’re up to your eyeballs in birthday parties, ninja programs, organizing next week’s clinic or summer camp, getting your kids through TOPS testing or putting the polishes on a new routine for, oh yeah, the gymnastics meet your hosting next month. You’re busy. We’re busy. Let’s just make the exchange. No fuss. No muss.

It would be cool, if you still had your return ticket and could fill it out with your return item, but eh, maybe your dog ate it. We know that happens sometimes: GMR takes care of 15 rescue dogs. Dogs chew things…

Anyway, we’re cool with it. Just pop the items you want to return back into your original shipping package (if the dog left that) or into something that gets it to our Lithonia HQ.

Just be sure and let us know what you want in exchange for the item. That’s the important part.

Easy peasy. Fill out the ticket or just scratch out a note with your name, address, phone number, email address and what you’d like us to send you in exchange and will dash those new grips or that “Got Chalk” tee back to your door, for free!

PayPal Credit Could Be Your New BFF!

paypal2We’re always thinking of ways to help our small business customers bring the best gymnastics equipment and matting to their gymnasts.

Today, we’d like to announce that our website, ten-o.com , has partnered with the Internet’s most secure online payment system, PayPal, to provide you the opportunity to make your purchase using your PayPal account or get a loan for 6 months Interest Free using PayPal credit!

If you’ve been wondering how to get that coveted new vault table, ninja set-up, single bar trainer or the piece/s of equipment or gymnastics mats you need to update your gym, but can’t pay for it all upfront, look no further: using PayPal credit, you can make that happen, today!

Simply pick the items you want and send us a quote request. We’ll send you your quote for the items you’ve requested including any applicable taxes and shipping.

Once the purchase is set up, we’ll send you an invoice through PayPal and you can use PayPal credit, as your payment method to buy yourself some time and pay within 6 months without paying any interest!


Shoot for the stars!

LITTLE-STARS-VAULT-BOARD_t109ls_R_241d3af0Successful gymnasts are forged in the gym with hours of practice, hard work, discipline and dedication. They start young and they put in the work.

Just like the big stars of gymnastics world: Simone Biles, Laurie Hernandez, Gabbie Douglas, Aly Raisman and Madison Kocian. They started small.

Some will aim for college scholarships, meet victories, personal bests. Some will dream of the Olympics. Some kids just play after school with their friends and burn off energy without paying much attention to how much gymnastics brings them physically and socially. It’s all in good fun.

No matter which gymnasts you coach or who they will grow up to be, we know your goal is to capture their imagination in your gymnastics gym.

That’s why we’ve come out with the newest member of our equipment family: The Little Stars pre-school vault board!

This vault board *really* is for “Little Stars”. That is, it’s built for kids who are 50lbs. and under. It’s to get young imaginations flowing while their physical coordination is developing.

Rec programs, pre-school, special needs. Anyone under 50lbs. will delight in jumping on this 5 mini-spring, gorgeous star-carpeted vault board.

(Let them get the bouncing out of their system, safely in the gym, rather than on their bed or the couch at home!)

At 20 inches wide x 30 inches long, this is Goldielocks’ perfect sized vault board for younger gymnasts. The longer crown and shorter length are just the right dimensions to get small children’s muscles learning and remembering how to hurdle and punch.


2019! New Year! New Products!

dept-mid-ninjaparkour-2x (1)

2018 was an extra special year for us at GMR Gymnastics Sales; in that we celebrated our 40th year in the gymnastics gear and equipment business! We are so blessed to work to support the beautiful, strong and graceful sport of gymnastics that brings so much grace to the lives it touches. These 40 years we’ve literally a labored in love.

None of which would be possible without the coaches, gymnasts and gym owners that are the backbone of gymnastics. We learn from you all the time and love it when we get an opportunity to collaborate for the benefit of gymnasts. Last year, we had the honor of working with Coaches Dawn Campos and Danelle Catlett of Solid Rock Gymnastics LINK to create the Dawn Mat. The Dawn Mat offers a built-in spotting deck attached to a downward slope that is still 12 inches from the ground. This one of a kind wedge shape lets you position a skill cushion at the end of the mat for softer landings. Used horizontally or vertically, it’s super versatile for a variety of skill drills. For more info and video of many of the skills you can train using this unique GMR/Coach mat collabo, do check out this post.

trapezoid-36x48x48_m151_r_23c66225 (1)Mat-wise, we’ve also updated the colors on our gymnastics trapezoid mat. For spotting or vaulting, our height adjustable trapezoids now come in the fun new colors: orange, purple, lime green, blue.

Last year, on Facebook, we asked our gymnastics community friends what YOU could use in your gymnastics practice. Based on your feedback, we developed the S-band and the #3 to help you keep your gymnastics grips in place. Less fiddling, more swinging!