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Backed Into A Corner?

Backed Into A Corner 1 Backed Into A Corner 2Atlanta Georgia’s The Peach Pit wanted a full-service gym for gymnastics and cheer. They were working with smaller than average space constraints and have a couple of building foundation poles to plan and work around. They also wanted it to be aesthetically pleasing – because who doesn’t?

An issue, which comes up fairly often for a lot of gyms, was the necessity of putting their spring floor in a corner due to space and layout.

The way most spring floors normally work is that the carpet that covers the foam and the springy part extends about a foot beyond those borders on all sides. This foot wide overhang provides a nice presentation that helps weigh things down to offset the forces exerted while training that might work to slide that carpet off center. However, if you’ve got to run your spring floor alongside one or two walls, you’re not going to have room for that carpet overhang.

But!! When you’re a gym designer/equipment manufacturer you have the means to create technical solutions that mitigate those issues. To give The Peach Pit their perfect spring floor with carpet that stays put, Mike installed baseboards the height of the floor along the adjacent walls. Sewn to the carpet and stapled to those baseboards, Mike used hook and loop velcro connectors to secure the carpet in place for a clean, neat and safe training experience for their gymnasts.

ByGMR is the only company in the industry that offers this feature and service. In his travels through hundreds of gyms over the years, he’s seen quite a few DIY rigs where they just cram the carpet down on the side or pushed the carpet into the corner which meant that they had a two foot overhang on the other sides. Our built-in hook and loop connectors secure your carpet over your spring floor. Scoring a Comaneci 10.0! High marks for difficulty with no deductions for safety violations!


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