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When Flopping Is a Good Thing

Floppy-Mat-36-X-56-_ftm3656_R_24f83894Floppy throw mats are one of the most versatile small mats you can use in your gym. Designed to be slung over a bar or a beam and stay put or tossed on the floor wherever you need an extra bit of padding, floppy mats help provide that little extra bit of cushion that helps buffer impacts when doing drills or new skills. Floppy mats also help take the edge off of the fear of trying new skills adding a bonus bump of confidence as gymnasts step out of their comfort zone.

GMR has recently added our Pink Floppy Mat to our wide array of gymnastics matting solutions. Sized at 36″ X 56”, the Pink Floppy uses a vibrant magenta on one side that you can easily find in your gymnastics club’s sea of traditional blue mats. This eye-catching color makes it an excellent mat to use when you’re trying to train your eyes & body to stick a skill or dismount in the correct spot. The pink side is made with an embossed, fuchsia fabric top that gives a great non-slip surface when practicing somersaults and flips on the beam. The back is covered in black vinyl with a special grab surface design to keep it in place when tossed over the beam or bar. The inside contains 3/4 inch foam which helps protect against the dreaded sting you get when landing or bumping up against a bar. The Pink Floppy’s foam acts like a memory foam mattress wherein it conforms to the shape of your bar or beam enabling it to stay right where you need it when you need it most.

Simone-Biles-Multi-Purpose-Throw-Mat_sb-mpm_R_1eccf069Because a floppy mat is such a useful tool to have around your gym, several gymnastics companies make one. Spieth America makes two! Their Multi Purpose Mat is a high visibility yellow that aids in training gymnasts where to target their dismount. It measures  38″ x 55″ x 3/4” and is covered in a yellow, quilted, elastic jersey fabric that gives great anti-slip protection. The inside is filled with shock absorbing foam. The flip side is light grey with a non-slip backing. Spieth America’s other floppy mat is their Simone Biles Multi Purpose throw mat. It’s basically the same mat, but much to the delight of any young girl gymnast, it features Simone Biles’ signature and heart logo on it. Seeing Simone Biles’ name on their dismount target is sure to inspire any young gymnast to keep working hard and to believe in herself!

AAI-Prep-Mat-27-X36-_416351_R_24cc9f5dAAI has also thrown their mat in the ring with two sizes of this highly versatile gymnastics gym throw mat. The AAI Prep Mat’s biggest size measures  54” X 36” x 1/2”. It comes in an easy to target burnt orange made from 100% brushed polyester material that helps prevent slips and falls. Inside, it deploys a ½” thick, closed cell sponge to conform to your equipment and cushion landings when on bars, beam or floor. The back is made with a non-slip surface that keeps it where you want it. Should you want a smaller size, AAI does the same mat in 27” X 36” X 1/2”.


Floppy-Throw-Sting-Mat-36-x54-x5and8-_m210_R_1c12163cYour most affordable floppy throw mat is going to be our Floppy Throw Sting Mat. Measuring 36” x 54” x 5/8”, it’s made using a slightly different design than the other mats we’ve discussed so far. The top side uses brown beam suede. Throw it on the floor to cushion conditioning or pinpoint your the perfect dismount. Toss it over the beam or the bars to take the sting out of practicing your perfect and it stays put using 2″ hook and loop connectors set at right angles which secure it when draped over a piece of equipment. The back side comes in soft blue or red vinyl.

No matter which design or manufacturer you choose, you’re sure to get your money’s worth as a floppy throw mat is the perfect workhorse for just about any spot you might need an extra bit of padding to protect against bashes or boost confidence when learning new tricks!


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