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Your Rhythmics!

Sweet Dreams are Made of These….


Rhythmic gymnastics is a great sport for gyms that want to expand their membership and class offerings. Classes and training in rhythmic gymnastics are not as widely available as that of artistic gymnastics. Offering rhythmic gymnastics gives your gymnastics club a chance to stand out and shine among the other gyms in your local area. Be it an intensive training program which aims to compete, as a purely recreational class or as a themed birthday party activity, rhythmic gymnastics can be a pretty good earner for your business.

Rhythmic gymnastics can also help your gym reach a wider, more inclusive range of children in your community. Not all children possess the physical ability or mental daring needed for artistic gymnastics. In rhythmic gymnastics, there are no bars to swing from or dismount, no 4 inch beam to aerial and kids aren’t running full speed and hurtling themselves off of a vault table.

Like any sport at higher levels of competition, rhythmic gymnastics can be a very physically demanding sport. It’s elite athletes are a marvel of strength, timing and grace. However, because rhythmic gymnastics involves staying on the floor and manipulating an apparatus such as a ball, hoop, rope, clubs or ribbon there is more potential room for a casual engagement with it for more children across physical abilities and mindsets. This allows more children a chance to benefit from the opportunities for fun, socialization, movement, maturity and memories that participating in a gymnastics class brings. The Special Olympics website offers a list of tips, rules and resources that can enable you in starting your rhythmic gymnastics track for kids with special needs.

You know what else makes rhythmic an ROI winner for a gymnastics business? The investment in equipment and the minimal real estate it occupies in your gym! If you’ve got a storage closet and floor space, you’ve got space to store your equipment and teach, practice and train rhythmic gymnastics!

Rhythmic-Gymnast-Figurine-by-Enesco_pg2046_R_1d6f2a69So what’s needed for rhythmic gymnastics classes and rhythmic gymnastics themed parties? Rhythmic gymnastics uses a ball, hoop, rope, clubs and ribbons. Ten-o.com has it all! We sell supplies for each of the rhythmic gymnastics events you and your gym might choose to explore. We also sell them for competition (in competition sizes) or for recreational gymnastics classes.

Take hoops for example. We offer them in 3 competition sizes: 70cm (27.5”) x 20mm in colors: blue, yellow; 80cm (31.5”) x 20mm in yellow, white, green; and 90cm (35.5”) x  20mm in green and red.

With the ball, we offer it in both children’s 15cm smaller size and the competition size of 19cm in silver sparkle or regular, all in a variety of bright and fun colors to brighten the day of all of your gym club members be they elite competition focused, children with special needs or girls having fun on a Saturday night parents’ evening out.

Ribbons also come in several sizes to accommodate everyone from the serious athlete to the after-school class kids. The longer the ribbon, the harder it is to get it airborne and command it. For that reason, we sell ribbons in several lengths. We also sell ribbons in sets that make  starting and equipping a class very affordable!

The shortest ribbon we sell is 6.5 feet. It comes with its own 12 inch stick and is available in red, blue, green, yellow, and pink. Or, you can get the 6.5 foot rainbow ribbon and 12 inch stick set where the more you buy, the bigger the discount! Pre-school kids love it and they have no idea you’re teaching them something so critical at that stage of development as hand-eye coordination. It’s also perfect for PE classes, little kids parties and dance activities.

The next size up is our 10 foot junior ribbon and 16 inch stick sets which are available in red, yellow, green, blue, light blue, purple and pink or in a rainbow stick set where the more you buy, the merrier the price!

Up from 10 feet is our 13 foot ribbon and 20 inch stick set which comes in white, red, pink and royal blue. From there our recreational ribbons increase to 16.5 feet with a 22 inch stick available in white, red, pink and royal blue.

The competition length rhythmic gymnastics ribbon is 19.8 feet. Our competition ribbons are made from a mesmerizing satin that are sure to dazzle judges. They come in a whole host of colors! Including: rose, yellow, royal blue, pink, orange, red, green, blue, black and purple. The competition sized stick of 23.25 inches is sold separately. It’s made from a tapered and balanced fiberglass with a swivel at the end. Buy your competition sticks in bulk and save money!

If you want something wider than a ribbon for your class or to use as a prop in a dance routine, we do a metallic streamer that’s 3.5 inches wide and 12 feet long in silver and green!

Our competition sized ropes are made from brightly colored, durable nylon and are 9’ 10” inches long and come in white, red, yellow, royal blue, green and pink.

Perhaps, the most coordination demanding event in rhythmic gymnastics is the clubs. We can provide you with a pair of competition clubs in the colors: red, royal blue, yellow, green, pink, white and purple.

If you go full bore and get equipment for a full rhythmic gymnastics program or you get just enough ribbons and balls to keep your pre-school class happy, you’re sure to bring a smile to those girls who may not be one for the bars and the beam, but who really enjoy expressing themselves through the combination of dance and gymnastics that is rhythmic gymnastics.


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