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Vault Matting: Blocks, Tongues and Trapezoids!

Womens-Vault-Table-Trainer-VT-Block_vt942-w_R_23ec866aAll of the best gymnastics training happens in progressions. Progressions are where the gymnast learns elements of a target skill in steps that build up to the final, more advanced version of skill. These steps teach components of the finished, target skill such as bringing the correct body shaping into muscle memory. Or steps in a progression can entail executing that skill in a smaller, less difficult way or on an easier piece of equipment specifically for training.

Vault mat blocks are a great way to ease your would-be vaulters into learning what can be a pretty intimidating gymnastics skill. They are, after all, running full speed down a runway where they punch or round-off themselves onto a springboard that, in turn, bounces them onto a raised, hard vault table from which they must complete movements in the air such that they land safely on their feet with not so much as a bounce or step.

Spelled out, it’s not so hard to see why performing vault can be intimidating to many gymnasts and why learning it slow and easy, in baby steps, is a really good idea for your gymnasts both physically and mentally.

Enter the vault mat block system. The vault mat block system is shaped like a vault table, but made of foam cushions in segments that allow for slowly increasing its height, as the gymnast grows stronger physically and mentally.

Our Women’s Vault Table Trainer VT Block does just that. It features four 36″ wide x 43″ long blocks and will adjust in increments of 21″, 39.5″, 44.5″, 48″ and 53” to meet the needs of gymnasts at all vault skill levels. Coaches training male gymnasts use this as a base to which they attach the men’s block (sold separately).

The 21″ height allows the younger gymnast to start training round-off entry vaults. Adding the women’s block will equal 48″ and with the men’s block the total height equals 53”.

Given the inevitable pounding of gymnasts training vault, these vault block mat systems are designed to take a beating. They’re made with a high density polyurethane foam and covered in 18oz. coated fabric which makes them easy to clean with a simple wipe down.

They’re also built to be secure and to handle the forces of gymnasts bodies at speed. To that end, all sections secure with hook and loop fasteners and can be connected to the vault runway or carpet bonded foam. 

As training using your vault runway involves moving your vault table back and forth, many gyms and coaches use their vault training blocks at the end of a tumbling runway that is served by their gymnastics pit. You can also attach them to your floor exercise mat to use in a variety of conditioning and training drills.

M3288-Level-3-Vault-Mat_m3288_R_16a1d5a3Our Level 3 Vault Mat is 5’ x 10′ and is not shaped like a vault table. It’s a big ol’ block. It allows for training progressions in 16″, 24″, 32″, 40″ and 48″ heights. It features yellow distance markers that indicate where to go past, as they learn the timing and distance components native to executing a gymnastics vault.

The two base mats are 5’ x 10’ x 16”. Each features ripple cut foam for proper air channeling. The other two 8″ mats are skill cushion type foam for a cushier landing. They are all covered in 18oz. coated fabric for excellent durability and ease in cleaning. It meets all specifications for USA Gymnastics JO Level 3 and Xcel Bronze division,

We make another version of this block shaped Level 3 Vault Mat that is 32” wide. The base mat is 5’ x 10’ x 32”. It’s made with high density polyurethane foam that includes 3 layers of ripple cut foam for proper air channeling when the gymnasts hits the mat. Using this vault block system lets your gymnasts train at  32″, 40″ and 48″ heights. The yellow zone markings help your gymnasts learn proper hand placement that is so important once they start using the vault table. It meets all specifications for USA Gymnastics JO Level 3 and Xcel Bronze division,

The two 5’ x 10’ x 8″ top mats are made with skill cushion foam and can be used individually for training skills that requires a skill cushion mat! All elements of this vault block training mat system are covered in 18oz coated fabric, so they’re extra durable and easy to clean.

New regulations are having people turn the mat sideways so that it is 5 feet long instead of 10. Turning the mat sideways helps you incorporate new drills, as gymnasts grow in strength and confidence it takes to get to the big girls’ table.

Spieth America also offers a block shaped vault training mat system. This three piece system includes: a base pit (5’ x 10’ x 32”) and two additional 8″ mats, providing 32”, 40”, and 48” landing surfaces. It meets all specifications for USA Gymnastics JO Level 3 and Xcel Bronze division, and Gymnastics Canada Level 4 Vault.


Should you want another shape that’s not a block or shaped like a vault table, our Trapezoid 36” x 48” x48” makes a great choice. The trapezoid segments are connected with hook and loop flaps on the long side. Tops and ends are covered in 1.25″ EVA over a prime high density polyurethane. Each section is covered in a durable 18oz double-coated polyester fabric that comes in high visibility covers. Trapezoids are great for vault training, but also offer flexibility for fundamental gymnastics skills training, parkour or ninja courses and spotting.

Mats are not just for training or landing. Anchor mats lend added security to the placement of your vault table itself. Our anchor mat fits our Choco Vault Table and measures 48” x 96” x 12cm (4.75”). It covers the base of the table and adds a higher surface to stand on when coaches are spotting their athletes. It also helps provide security for your landings via velcro attachment to the landing mat which keeps it from slipping.

AAI makes an anchor mat to fit their Elite and Tac10 vault table models. Their two piece mat fits snugly and completely over the vault table base and provides a 4’ x 8’ surface for the spotter. It’s constructed using a foam filler consisting of 2 layers of prime polyurethane foam and a thick cross-link polyethylene foam, covered in a blue 18 oz. anti-fungal and anti-bacterial vinyl. At the back of the mat, it employs a 4″ flap with loop fasteners that may be used to attach additional landing mats.

Additionally, Spieth America makes a Vault Table Base Mat for Spieth Vault Table Models 5001 and 5002. Its two pieces cover the base of the table completely with a nice, secure, snug fit adding a 4’ x 8’ surface for the spotter. It is made with a foam filler consisting of prime polyurethane foam and a thick cross-link polyethylene foam, covered in a blue 18 oz. vinyl.

On the other side of vault training and performance is the landing! And yes, we make a mat for that! Our competition vault landing mat measures 8’ x 18” and is 12cm or 4.75’ thick. However, not all gyms are created equal when it comes to space to place equipment and mats. If your gym has these types of space constraints, we got you! We offer this mat in 8’ x 16” or 8’ x 15.5” because… every little bit counts!


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