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Accessorize Your Vault Training!

Padded-Vault-Runway-3x84x1-3and8-_t111p_R_174e9245Colors of Vault Runway CloseupVaulting involves more than just a vault table and a springboard. Like just about everything, there are some other essential accessories that round out your gym club vaulting station – the caboodle of the whole kit and caboodle, if you will.

Like the gymnastics vault, let’s take off down the runway.

ByGMR makes a vault runway pad designed to work in tandem with our vault runway tape measure.

Manufactured to be easy to clean and extra resilient, our runways begin with Dollamur Carpet Bonded Foam in either the standard roll-up or the flexi-roll design for easy rollout/rollup and storage. The foam is 1.25” thick for a joint friendly run that’s covered in 26oz, anti-static, plush gymnastics carpet. It measures 3’ x 84’ x 1-3/8” and comes in 9 different colors. You choose! Our most popular color is our vivid royal blue.

Of course, it helps your gymnasts to calculate the complex mechanics and timing of their vaults to mark the start position or the board position – depending on how you do things. That’s where the vault tape measure comes in. It’s 25 meters or 82 feet long – depending how you look at it. Our tape measure hooks directly to the vault runway via a sewn-in 1.5” wide hook connector. Simply roll it out and stick it to our vault runway or any vault runway, for that matter. It works with all of them.

Naturally, you wouldn’t want your gymnast running full-speed then hitting a round-off onto a naked vault board. We offer two vault safety zone mats that protect your athletes as they learn and excel at their gymnastics vaults.

Safety-Zone-Mat_t111s_R_1799b5a9ByGMR’s Safety Zone Vault Mat is a U-shaped collar that hugs the sides and front of your spring board; in case your gymnast misses the mark. It’s made of high density foam undergirded by plywood to blunt impact and ensure safety, particularly in a round-off entry. Covered in a rugged, high visibility yellow and blue vinyl, it can take beating after beating and clean up easily. It stores quickly away in 3 pieces and is affordably priced.

AAI’s Folding Vault Safety Mat is an excellent choice for gymnastics programs that need the most compact storage option. Grab it by its side handles and go! It’s reinforced high density foam keeps your gymnasts safe. It, too, comes in a durable, easy to clean high visibility yellow trimmed with blue.

Both AAI and ByGMR’s vault safety zone mats are perfect for training and meets, as they hit USAG, NCAA®, NFHS and AAU competition specifications and can be used by all gymnastics levels.

When your gymnasts are doing the daring Yurchenko style round-off vault entry, you want to give them a little extra padding on which to cushion their wrists and firmly plant their hands before rounding off onto the table.

ByGMR’s Round Off Pad comes in our Choco pebbled, basketball type fabric or suede to protect against slippage and help ensure every moment of your gymnasts’ vault practice goes exactly as planned. To that end, it attaches securely to your vault runway with hook connectors. Adding its 1-3/8 inches padding to that of your vault runway reduces impact and fatigue on gymnasts’ wrists. That adds up when you’re drilling over and over to drive it home. It’s competition shaped and measures 36” x 54” x 1-3/8”. Use it longways or sideways! Its beveled edges smooth out the pad’s profile in your vault set-up.

Mini-Round-Off-Pad_m197_R_1549f609Want a smaller one to use in practice? We make a mini! It is 36” x 36” x 1-3/8“ and features 1-3/8“ crosslink foam. Red for high visibility, its covered in non-slip fabric with 2″ hooks on all four sides of the bottom that secure your mini round off pad to the vault runway. 

AAI makes a competition sized and shaped round off pad that comes in their TAC/10 basketball-like fabric or grey suede for high contrast, great grip and no-slip. Measuring 36″ x 51″ x 1-1/4” and made from anti-sting EVA foam, it meets FIG specifications for round off pads and USAG, NCAA and specs for competition.

Spieth-America’s Performance Series Round Off Pad comes in an easy to see, easy to clean yellow trimmed with blue. It provides a fast, non-slip response and measures 39-3/8” x 47-1/4” x 1”.

While the spring board and vault table may be the meat and potatoes of your gymnastics vault equipment set-up, no vault station is complete without a little safety gravy along the front and sides!


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