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Train to Punch with More Bounce!

Air-Lift-Board_alb34_R_24a7c3f0Vault trampolines are, simply put, easier to use than vault springboards. Imagine it. The gymnast is pushing off of a stretchable piece of fabric attached to many springs instead of pushing off of a piece of hard board attached to a few springs.

For younger gymnasts who don’t have the strength and body weight to aid them in creating greater rebound from a vault board, the vault trampoline makes a user-friendly type of training wheels experience, as they learn the mechanics of the run-up, punch and take off needed to execute a competition vault. In short, it’s easier to get more rebound from a vault trampoline and when you’re learning to vault or learning to do more complex vaulting skills, getting that extra oomph that takes you to the vault table can make a big difference.

Bigger, older, more experienced gymnasts benefit from using a vault trampoline when learning and acclimating to new skills, as well. In fact, when any gymnast is engaging in the repetition that turns practice into perfect using a piece of equipment that requires less force is going to be less fatiguing. Taking that drain out of the body helps the athlete focus on other elements in learning a new skill such as timing, getting the right height, rotation and mentally clearing out the fear factor that is part of doing new or more advanced gymnastics skills.

Just because it looks easy when gymnasts do it in competition, doesn’t mean it was easy to get there. Not by a long shot!

Vault trampolines are predominantly used by younger gymnasts in levels 1-4 and by Xcel Optional Gymnasts (the gymnasts formerly known as Prep Optionals), though any and all gymnasts can benefit from training on a vault trampoline when working a routine over and over.

Our most popular vault trampoline is our very own ByGMR Air Lift Board. It’s affordably priced and offers a couple of special features which set it apart from the rest. For one, it’s got the sturdiest frame on the market. Most vault trampolines are just set up on legs. The Air Lift board is set on legs that are built into a heavy steel frame that goes all the way around the base of the board on the floor. For that reason, you just don’t get the wobble that you see with other boards.

The ByGMR Air Lift board also provides padding that covers both the frame and the springs. No step through! No hitting the springs. No getting stuck or tearing a foot you need to compete on two weeks. Nothing is a bigger bummer than a last minute injury when you’ve been working your tail off for months to get ready for a meet!

While it’s shaped like a vault board, and it meets FIG specs for vault board height, the Air Lift Board features a lower approach height and longer take-off zone that’s highly conducive to vault training. When you’re learning something new, it’s always good to have a little extra margin for error, as you incorporate and refine new movements.

It’s also good for your gymnasts to have highly visible

targets on their run up. The Air Lift board gives you all that in the form of thick purple padding around the outside of the frame and a bright, lime green rectangle sweet spot that leaps off of the black bed behind it. Vaulting gymnasts have a whirl of details whizzing through their heads as they pitch themselves down the runway. A vault trampoline sweet spot that pops shows them where to hit the punch making it one less thing they have to worry about in those few seconds.

Coaches and gymnastics club owners really enjoy its portability. Because it’s got wheels! So when you need to drag it across the gym, you just tilt and roll!

Spieth America’s vault trampoline does wheelies, too! It’s bright red frame padding keeps a fast-moving gymnast focused as they run at a calculated barrel toward the red cross set against the white trampoline bed. It’s a killer bet for a mini, adjustable trampoline with a total top trampoline surface of 24” x 36”.

Another vault trampoline offering with easy transport wheels is AAI’s Eurotramp Booster/Vault Trampoline. It’s approved by USAG for use in Xcel programs and also makes a great addition to rec programs, parkour training, school sports and indoor free running. It’s got a barrier free jump-in and when you need to, you can adjust the height from 26.5cm to 32cm.

AAI has another fine vault trampoline offering in its Premier Vault Trampoline. This vault tramp (to use gym vernacular) has the same profile as AAI® Vaulting Boards and is used for levels 1-4, Xcel optional athletes and team gymnastics to learn and train vaulting exercises. Adjustable rear legs let you set it to three different heights: 13″, 14″ and 15″ (33cm, 36cm & 38cm) Front can also be adjusted to lower the bed to sit on the floor. Very versatile!

Norberts Power Incline 2.0 meets USA Gymnastics vaulting trampoline specifications for JO Level 1 and 2, and XCEL Bronze, Silver and Gold Divisions. It’s unique all-in-one pad attaches to the bed with Hook and Loop fasteners and uses tabs to attach to the frame to prevent the pad and bed from separating during use.

All in all, a vault trampoline is a great piece of equipment to have around. It’s fun for the rec kids. It can expand your indoor free running and parkour offerings. Your younger gymnasts can use it to learn and compete in lower levels as they gain skill and strength. Your older gymnasts will thank you for giving them an alternative to hitting the same hard board time after time, hour after hour they spend in the gym.


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