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Big Boards Bring Big Bounce!

AAI-8-Spring-TAC-10-LZT-Vault-Board_407233_R_1e969525Saving the best for last in our 3 part series on gymnastics vault boards are our advanced, competition boards. Built for bigger, heavier, stronger gymnasts training and competing more difficult skills, these boards bring big bounce per ounce!

In gymnastics vaulting, timing is Everything! The more recoil you have in your springs the faster the gymnast gets off the board, onto the vault table and into the air. When you’re doing more advanced vaults — your Yurchenkos, Tsukaharas or Produnovas — every millisecond counts ’til you stick that perfect landing.

All of our advanced, competition boards measure 2ft x 4ft long and are 21cm high from the ground up. Beyond that, our boards vary by the type of covering on the platform and the number of springs. More springs beget a harder board. 

Some gymnasts prefer a softer board; whereas, other prefer a more firm flex and return. We carry several models from different manufacturers across the spectrum, so that you can cater to your athletes’ individual preferences.

Let’s get into the details, so that you can make the right choice for your gymnastics facility and the gymnasts you train.

AAI offers 6 different vault boards! All of which meet FIG specs for competition. The AAI 8 Spring Stratum comes covered in grey carpet with 1/2in. padding. Its springs are removable so you can fix the firmness to the needs of each athlete. The AAI 8 Spring TAC 10 LZT features the pebbly textured, basketball fabric that provides extra protection against slippage and offers a slightly thicker, more reactive padding and is one of our most popular. It also lets you remove springs to fit individual gymnast preferences for harder or softer. Both of these boards meet competition specifications set out by USAG, AAU, NCAA, FIG and NFHS.

In a busy meet or a high volume gym club, you might not want to take the time to adjust the springs. For that reason, AAI came out with their line of EVO boards that come color coded per preference from soft to medium to more firm.

Softer boards are great for younger gymnasts. They’re easier to punch, less jarring and less fatiguing when you’re hitting the board over and over trying to nail down that Yurchenko timing. Like so much in gymnastics training, evolution of skill happens in progressions. Move to the medium board once you’ve mastered the softer version and prep for the harder, faster recoil board. Or just stay there. With AAI’s EVO boards, you can have your pick of the litter!

A couple of other nifty bits about AAI’s color coded: red, gold and green vault boards is that they all have a large sweet spot that allows for a variety of vault entry positions. They are welded with an easy carry handle for a quick switch. They are covered in a 1in. thick, neoprene, anti-fatigue, anti-slip matting. And! They work using the same type of next-gen tech leaf springs found in cars’ suspension! Leaf springs aren’t coils. Instead, they’re flat with rollers, so when your gymnast hits the board they flatten out and recoil back to propel them onto to the table. They’re super consistent and long-lasting!

However, if you want the EVO neoprene matting in a removable, coil spring board, AAI’s gives you that in their EVO Silver board. It’s similar in construction to the Stratum, we talked about above. Get it in your choice of 8 or 9 springs!

When it comes to competiton, USAG Junior Olympic committee approved and accepted the EVO boards across all levels.

Spieth America also offers your gymnasts their choice in vault board firmness in their Spieth America International Soft Vault Springboard featuring 5 springs, the Spieth America 7 Spring Accelerator Board and the Spieth America International Hard Vault Springboard in 8 springs.

Both the Soft Vault and the Hard Vault employ their revolutionary Whisper Spring System. The exact setting of the pyramid-shaped, hardened, chrome, silicon steel, non-removable springs allows for frontal and backward vaults with an exactly defined rebound on each place of the surface of this board. Best bit? These boards are virtually indestructible! Yes, you read that right! The platform is designed with a thin, curved plywood overlaid with a carbon fiber top covered in carpet. They are stabilized by 4 anti-slip pads, carry easily with their own built in handle and are FIG approved.

For a vault board with mid-level firmness and removable coil springs, the Spieth America 7 Spring Accelerator is just the ticket. It features a strategic configuration for seven interchangeable coils. The four blue (hard) and three red (soft) springs provide a positive return. The 3-piece bottom design offers additional flex and return to the top board. A thinner flexible top along with a high density XLPE foam and carpet reduces stress on the athlete by displacing the impact over a wider area. Get ready to go for the gold, as it’s made to USA Gymnastics, NCAA, NFHS, FIG and AAU specifications. 

What about the rec kids, you say? We got them, too! Gibson’s Mile High (love that name!) 8 Coil Springboard keeps them trained and entertained!

The Mile High Board provides extra lift from long-lasting, heavy duty 1/4” chromium-plated music wire springs under a strong 1/2” hard maple top. It’s packing 8 springs total with six 8in. tall coils upfront and two 6.5in. coils in the back. The top surface is covered in a 3/8” closed cell foam and high quality carpet. Rubber pads protect your floor and add extra traction. The even better news is we offer the Best Price In The Market!

Vault boards are brilliant for gymnastics vaulting, of course, but they’re also a highly versatile piece of equipment off the runway. Athletes can also use them to mount their beam, bars and parallel bars. Saves wear and tear on the gymnast and the coaches, too!

Should you need to replace a spring, we carry replacement springs for any of the boards we offer. Sorry. Unfortunately, we don’t carry replacements for tired, worn out coaches.


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