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Stick Not Slick!

Replacement-Vault-Table-Cover_rcvt_R_252a54b0Executing a vault in artistic gymnastics requires skill, more than a bit of bravery and equipment in tip top shape! Highly skilled gymnasts have incurred serious spinal injuries that have led to paralysis or even death when pursuing the perfect gymnastics vault.

When vaulting, gymnasts hurdle themselves full tilt toward the springboard and either rebound off of it directly or round-off onto it and then off of that onto your vault table. Timing is critical and every piece of your gym’s equipment must perform as expected. Learning to vault takes hours of practice, as does perfecting the type of advanced vault that scores high.

As a gymnastics gym owner, you need to ensure all parts of your equipment are in excellent condition so that when your gymnasts give their all they’re safe and you’re giving yours.

That said, gymnasts are tough on vault equipment. It’s simply the nature of the sport. After taking so many hits… literal hits… The cover on your vault table can develop holes or lose it’s specially designed stick-surface and turn slick. It just plain wears out.

Vault tables are an expensive piece of equipment, but don’t worry! You don’t have to throw out the table with the bath water!

We can replace it! It doesn’t matter if it’s a ByGMR Choco Vault Table or if it’s AAI, Janssen-Fritsen or Spieth-America!

We can get you re-covered! That’s right! We can replace your vault table cover with our non-slip, Choco basketball fabric! We call it basketball fabric because that’s what it feels like with the little bumpy bits that help your gymnasts nail their block as they push off into the airborne part of the vault.

We have several patterns for vault table covers from major manufacturers like Janssen-Fritsen and Spieth-America.

If we don’t have the pattern, we can still make you a vault table cover. We would just need you to send us the cover and/or table top, so we can strip it, reverse engineer the cover and re-install it onto your vault table top.

In fact, if you do want us to do the full install of any cover we replace, that’s not a problem. Just send us the whole vault table top and it’s a done deal!

Sometimes, though, it’s tough for a gym to go any length of time without a vault table and it’s top is a pretty important piece. If that’s the case for your gymnastics club, you can get a local upholsterer to attach your new vault table cover to the table top. Or, if you or a parent at your gym are handy, you can do it yourself. We’d be happy to provide instructions! What’s key is that you need a pneumatic staple gun to get it securely attached. An electric hand stapler won’t do it. Ideally, you’d find the downtime to send us the table top and we’d let one of our practiced technicians do it. We understand that’s not always easy in a gymnastics gym with a full meet schedule training highly competitive athletes.

No matter what! We’re here to work with you and your unique circumstances to ensure your gymnasts train safely!


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