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Is It a Mirage or Your Gymnastics Pit?

ByGMR-Pit-Cube-Cover_pcc_R_24e46f81Want to have the coolest looking gymnastics pit around? Like, literally, it looks like a swimming pool reflecting the sun! Get some new pit cube covers!

Not just optical illusion cool, they literally help keep your gym from catching fire! What?

If you throw gymnasts at blocks of foam over and over and over again, it’s going to crumble that foam. Pit cubes can’t be both a soft landing and completely and forever indestructible. Eventually, those pit cubes are going to break down into crumbs and dust. While the pit cubes, themselves, are (often) fire retardant, their dust and bits isn’t. Ignite them and they flash immediately!

And well, if you want to stay in the good graces of your local fire marshall – and you do, if you want to remain open – you’ll want to do something about your pit cube detritus.

Pretty and practical, our ByGMR pit cube covers are just the ticket! They are made of a polyester and spandex warp knitted fabric that features a velcro enclosure which makes it easy to insert and close the cube and it’s future flammable dust into the cover. With less contact with flying objects, your pit cubes last longer. They will help keep your pit generally cleaner, too!

If you’re using pit cube covers over only one size of pit cube, the slippery nature of all pit cube covers combined with the uniformity of cubes will cause your gymnasts to fall through to the bottom because the pit cubes will stack. To prevent this, we recommend you mix up the shapes and sizes of your pit cubes.

For that reason, we sell pit cubes and pit cube covers in a variety of sizes: 6in. x 6in. x 6in., 8in. x 8in. x 8in. and 6in. x 6in. x 18 inches long.

Building-Block-Covered-Cubes-Multi-Set_pbc-ms_R_24e81582You can also order covers and cubes in multi-sized sets that make great coordination builders for your pre-school kids to play with in class!

Most gyms already have a lot of six inch cubes knocking about. If you want to DIY your variety to save money, it’s an easy fix with 3M spray that you get from your local hardware store or from us. Simply glue 3 6inch cubes together to get the 18 inch logs that help prevent cube stacking and keep landing safe. Three 6in. cubes will easily fill the 6in. x 6in. x 18in. log cover. 

Ratio-wise, ideally we recommend 50% 6in. cubes, 25% 8in. cubes and 25% 6in. x 18in. logs. This variety reduces the stacking of the cubes. Most gyms have 6″ cubes, so at a minimum use 60% 6in. cubes and 40% 6in. x 18in. logs.

Our minimum order is 100 covers at a clip. If budgets are tight, you could consider grabbing a 100 a month over time ’til your pit is full and fully covered. It might make it easier to stuff out the covers gradually, anyway, since any gymnastics pit uses anywhere between 7 thousand and 15 thousand pit cubes depending on your pit size. That’s a lot of ground to cover! While the initial layout may seem a bit steep the return on your investment won’t be too far in the distance.

Pit cube covers protect your foam pit cubes from breaking down: requiring replacement. Most gyms replace their pit full of uncovered cubes completely about every 5 years. Keeping cubes covered helps prevent them from breaking up and from breaking down into non-fire retardant dust and crumbles. They also help keep cubes clean. It’s not cute, but every gym owner knows that little kids have accidents and pee happens. When you’re cubes are covered, you don’t have to throw them away, you simply slip the cube out of the cover and wash the cover. Easy peezy.

Of course, the most obvious part is they look super cool! And while they may make your pit look like a pool, Please! No diving in head first!!!


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