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The Choice of Champions!

TenSport-Double-Buckle-Slant-Strap-Uneven-Bar-Grips-FREE-SHIPPING_g814_R_24ef0023While at USA Gymnastics’ Congress held alongside the 2019 US Gymnastics Championships, Mike and Kappy noted that many elite gymnasts – both male and female – use double buckle grips for their national competition bars and swing.

Ten-o recently debuted our own version of the popular, Swiss style, slant strap, double buckle grip because we want to offer our gymnasts that same feeling of double-buckle security at our more affordable price. 

When it comes down to it, gymnastics grips are very much a personal choice.

One athlete may prefer one sort of leather, one length or orientation of strap, one strap or two, buckles not velcro,  they may want finger holes with tabs or not… Just as every athlete’s body is different, so is the fit and feel of a gymnastics grip on their hand, wrist and arm.

Of course, EVERYONE loves our free shipping!

The Tensport Double Buckle Slant Strap Uneven Bars Grip (say that 10x fast) brings you that Swiss style, slanted straps, double-buckle fit. The slant of the straps and the fact that they are a bit longer lets you pull them down further. Maybe you want that? We definitely got that.

The Tensport is comparable to the Reisport grip that a lot of gymnasts enjoy for its Swiss style and its long lasting leather. Like our other grips, the Tensport is made with our hugely popular, long-lasting, super easy to break in 501 Blues leather. That same leather that made our grips the Olympic choice for Armenian gymnast, Houry Gebeshian in Rio’s 2016 games!

If you’re a finger tabs fan, some folks feel like they hold their fingers in place better, then you’ll find the Tensport a perfect fit!

Best of all, is that it comes with the Tensport price – 20% less than Reisport – and it ships to your house for free!

Perhaps, you want your grips to sit higher on your wrist or to have a little more flexibility as to where it sits, exactly. Our 501 Blues Single, Straight Strap Uneven Bars grips gives you that. The straps are a bit shorter, are oriented straight out from the grip and they don’t move much. Some gymnasts prefer them for the ability to position them, to some degree, where they want on their wrist, rather than being locked into the longer, slanted orientation.

Many more advanced gymnasts choose the double buckle grips for their bigger, bolder moves.

Pixie-Buckle-Uneven-Bar-Dowel-Grips-FREE-SHIPPING_g612_R_1549f30cThe single strap is often the better choice for coaches and parents of younger gymnasts who want a grip that’s easier  and less time consuming to put on because there are fewer bits for smaller hands to fiddle with one handed. Single strap grips makes an excellent choice for the younger gymnast doing less advanced skills who wants to get in and out of them quickly, as she moves through her classes and training time at the gym club. 

Both the double buckle grips and the single buckle grips feature a straight palm piece and come with soft swing foam inserts to wear on the outside of your wrist bands for extra padding.

Finger holes or finger tabs? One strap or two? Straight or Slanted? The choice is yours at ten-o.com!


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