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Evolve with EVO-Black!

Ten-o.com is now selling AAI’s EVO-Black product line!

GMR is always working to bring our customers the very best in gymnastics equipment: be it from our own innovative, made-in America, ByGMR product line or those of other reputable gymnastics equipment companies. We look out for all of our customers by offering new and used equipment at diverse price points. No matter if you’re just starting out or updating your decades old, we’ve got just what you need.

AAI’s EVO-Black products are the next evolution in gymnastics equipment technology for the competitive, competition-oriented gymnastics gym. As with all your best gymnastics routines, it’s the little tweaks that take it to the next level. So it goes with the equipment you use to train and compete.

Let’s take a closer look at what’s new with AAI’s EVO-Black equipment!


EVO-Black Uneven Bars

  • Longer pistons provide additional height for taller gymnasts.
  • Get maximum performance with an E-rail (Also, available with an X-Rail)
  • Lower spinlocks for easy accessibility
  • Dual height markings provide convenient visibility when making adjustments
  • Single adjustment collar offer simple width adjustment
  • New E-Locks give a stronger hold to the upright
  • Raised attachment point of the spreader bar on the low bar improves stability 
  • Better height visibility for FIG & Domestic settings
  • Cables and swivel tie downs are designed to transfer any load sustained by the cables to your floor plates
  • Can be used with AAI®’s Freestanding systemEVO-BLACK-Balance-Beam_407715_R_24968106

EVO-Black Balance Beam

• Height adjustments glide with ease for quick changes

• Internal reflex system helps reduce stress on the athlete’s body

• Upgraded internal slide plates and rollers

• Clear and accurate settings of 100-125cm

• Improved padded beam caps for a secure fit

• A strong base helps reduce vibration during use

• Sleek tubular design with baked on black vein finish

• Ease of assembly with minimal hardware


Evo-Black Parallel Bars

• Exclusive AAI’s Graphite II Fiberglass-graphite rails

• Overall design reduces movement during single bar skills

• Width adjusts from 15”-26”

• Height adjusts from 165-225cm in 5 cm increments

• Longer pistons provide additional heights for taller athletes

• New E-Locks gives a stronger hold to the upright

• Can be broken down in sections for ease of transport and set-up

• Built in telescopic upright design provides added strength 

• Larger structural steel base provides increased stability for bigger athletes and greater skills

• Top adjusting foot leveling system

• Modular design base allows for compact shipping and/or storage


EVO-Black Pommel Horse

• Flat top steel body design enables the gymnast to use the full horse to perform difficult skills

• Strong Wood laminated pommels provide a reliable grip

• Upgraded quality leather, cut to eliminate all-natural scars and markings combined with selected performance foam provides best feel for your performance

• Internal spring design creates ease of adjustments from 95-135cm

• Modular design base allows for compact shipping and/or storage

• Top adjusting foot leveling system


EVO-Black High Bar

• Stiffer wall uprights provide quick positive bar response

• AAI®’s exclusive high strength “Shot-peened Stainless”-steel bar is designed to eliminate residual stresses on the surface of the bar 

• Multi-directional collar provides maximum flex and performance

• Increased wall thickness of uprights and 3/8” cable with double copper compression sleeves

• Sturdy ¾” floor swivel anchors to ensure direct line connections

• Easy twist and lock adjustments made at the base from 275-290cm

• Modern design eliminates piston, moving all adjustment to the base


EVO-Black Ring Tower

• 40% lighter frame allows for easy set-up

• New tubular design for added strength

• Reflex Spring-loaded swivel assembly to help reduce the impact on the gymnasts shoulders and back

• Dual adjustments, at Reflex swivel, and at foot for fine adjustment

• 3/8” Cable system used for improved stability and performance

• Heavy webbing straps have a leather insert to reduce wear on the rings for a secure grip

• Adjustment from 280-295 cm for taller gymnasts when needed

• Sturdy ¾” floor swivel anchors to ensure direct line connections

• Can be used with AAI®’s Freestanding System

• Attachment points for a spotting rig

EVO-Boards_evob_R_249a66ab (1)

EVO Vault Boards

• Evo-Boards have a larger sweet spot allowing for variations in entry position 

• Color coded for ease in determining which board your athlete will need

• Softer and less jarring feel allows for more repetition with anti-fatigue matting providing a unique softer feel on hands or feet

• Welded aluminum frame with handle for easy transport


EVO-Silver Boards

• Similar construction as spring Stratum® Vault Board

• Softer and less jarring feel allows for more repetition with anti-fatigue matting providing a unique softer feel on hands or feet


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