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Bring Your A-Game to Your Trampoline Frame!

Custom-Trampoline-Frame-Pads_tfp_R_200a5e00Did you know that we make replacement pads for any trampoline frame out there? Got an old or original Nissen trampoline? No problem. Got an AMF, a Gym Master, an Action folding or non-folding trampoline? What about an in-ground? It’s all good!

Maybe you want a custom color or have a unique gym design that merits a custom cut frame pad to skirt around a spring floor or other piece of equipment or feature of your gym. No problemo, mis amigos!

Some of the Nissen and AMF trampolines use a wide-side frame where an extra bar runs down the length of the frame that allows a coach to stand close and spot their athlete, we do those, too!

If you can jump on it, we can pad the frame around it!

Trampoline beds come in sizes that are either 6ft. x 12ft. or 7ft. x 14ft. This means they have frames that measure approximately 9ft. x 15ft. or 10ft. x 17ft., respectively. Trampoline frames are composed of metal and springs and pokey bits that No One wants to encounter with bare feet or body parts when training or competing. Safety is paramount when employing the forces and hitting the heights we see in gymnastics trampolining.

Our frame pads put your gymnasts out of harms way, so they can concentrate on perfecting their skills.

Composed of 1 3/8in. cross link foam and coated in 18oz. fabric (available in most colors), our frame pads stay secure using a 100% continuous pressure sensitive velcro. What does that mean? That means they attach using an unbroken line of glued velcro that you simply peel off the paper and stick it to the frame. Easy like Sunday mornin’!

Original AMF and Nissen frame pads have clips that wore out or would get broken. No more of that!

FramePadAnBungeeIn the corners, there are no springs to hold up the pads, so  you might have a potential hazard of a gymnast bending the pad or stepping through the hole and injuring themselves. That’s bad. And that’s why we use extender flaps (really a vinyl flap) that goes under the side pad and is secured by a bungee cord, as you see in the picture. The flap supports the pad. The benefit of the bungee cord attachment is that it offers the give you need if someone does step in the corner.

Maybe you’d like your frame pads to extend a bit wider out onto your floor. We can custom make that wider pad for you, so that it attaches to your carpet bonded foam.

Maybe you’ve got a piece of equipment, like a spring floor, that butts up to your trampoline. We can make an extra wide pad to work with that. In short, we can custom make your trampoline frame pads to accommodate any unique feature of your gymnastics club!

Tramp-Frame-Pad-Lifters_fpl41_R_1549f2b6We also offer frame pad lifters. A frame pad lifter is a torsion spring that hooks into the wavy wire of your frame to hold the pad up off the springs, should you wish to stop the noise of the frame pad hitting the frame or give it that extra bounce that comes with allowing that extra bit of air to escape.

No matter what trampoline frame you’re using, the team colors you desire or unique conditions of your gym, we’ve got the frame pad to spring your vision to life!


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