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Poly Pads Are Poppin’!

Poly-Pads-Traffic-Signs-Set-of-3-FREE-SHIPPING_pp60_R_246dd0b3Pre-school kids are the cutest gymnasts ever!

They are not, however, paragons of focus.

Preschoolers are pretty much the human species answer to the kitten; which can make running your gymnastics club’s pre-school class feel kinda like coaching constantly popping popcorn. Left to their own devices, kids scuttle everywhere and are easily distracted. 

The solution? Distract them! We can help you work with that!

Young kids love color and shapes — bonus points for animals. They love to stitch together associations between their wild, vivid imaginations and points of reference in the real world. Your job is to take these natural inclinations and weave them into learning the rudimentary elements of life and future gymnastics skills.

Made of tough, non-toxic, durable vinyl, our poly pads can withstand the Category 4 winds of any preschool class. Thankfully, this also makes them super easy to clean after the adorable hordes have gone home to naps and snacks.

Poly-Pad-Sharks-Assorted-Color-Set-of-6-FREE-SHIPPING_pp20_R_246c2df1Our poly pads get their attractive colors and graphics during the molding process – not an easily chippable, superficial layer on the surface –  which works to ensure they stay vibrant class after class after class. When today’s preschoolers become tomorrow’s vaulters, your poly pads will still be helping the new crop learn color and shape recognition, develop focus and find placement orientation. All while they have fun with class warm-up activities!

The colors vary according to the set you purchase. They include: red, yellow, green, blue and purple.

Better yet! They are made for virtually any surface! They won’t slip and slide on the gym floor nor will they mar its surface. Use ‘em indoors and outdoors to lay out each child’s course through the exercises and set them on the path to greater concentration and directional skills!

We offer poly pads in a variety of diverse shapes that you can use in an almost endless host of coordination tasks that hone basic, pedestrian life movement skills while introducing important body placement concepts that build future gymnasts.



Arrows, traffic signals and feet tell them where to go and where to stop! Want them to hop? Use hop spots! Hands make a great teaching aid for young gymnasts to learn hand placement during flips and tumbling. Stars, smileys, frogs and sharks cater to their imaginations and will lead them through all sorts of fun and productive games and activities. Why not add them into your littlest ninja program?!


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