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Shoot for the stars!

LITTLE-STARS-VAULT-BOARD_t109ls_R_241d3af0Successful gymnasts are forged in the gym with hours of practice, hard work, discipline and dedication. They start young and they put in the work.

Just like the big stars of gymnastics world: Simone Biles, Laurie Hernandez, Gabbie Douglas, Aly Raisman and Madison Kocian. They started small.

Some will aim for college scholarships, meet victories, personal bests. Some will dream of the Olympics. Some kids just play after school with their friends and burn off energy without paying much attention to how much gymnastics brings them physically and socially. It’s all in good fun.

No matter which gymnasts you coach or who they will grow up to be, we know your goal is to capture their imagination in your gymnastics gym.

That’s why we’ve come out with the newest member of our equipment family: The Little Stars pre-school vault board!

This vault board *really* is for “Little Stars”. That is, it’s built for kids who are 50lbs. and under. It’s to get young imaginations flowing while their physical coordination is developing.

Rec programs, pre-school, special needs. Anyone under 50lbs. will delight in jumping on this 5 mini-spring, gorgeous star-carpeted vault board.

(Let them get the bouncing out of their system, safely in the gym, rather than on their bed or the couch at home!)

At 20 inches wide x 30 inches long, this is Goldielocks’ perfect sized vault board for younger gymnasts. The longer crown and shorter length are just the right dimensions to get small children’s muscles learning and remembering how to hurdle and punch.

Your standard, competition sized vault board is too much for little kids. The springs are difficult to compress with a lighter body weight and smaller muscles. It’s too big for tiny bodies.

This smaller, “Little Stars” vault board will keep your pre-school gymnasts safer as you start them in understanding what a bounce is and how to create and navigate rebound.

Our new fairytale stars carpet gets your little gymnasts dreaming big; igniting their vivid imaginations, as they learn spatial awareness, how to control their bodies and get to feel like a big kid!

This isn’t just a blue carpeted vault board. To them, The Little Stars vault board can be made of stardust as it catapults them toward the stardom of their gymnastics idols. It can be anything they want it to be! Just like them!

A smaller, vault board will help you teach your Little Stars to aim for the sky. Use it to remind them they are the stars in your eyes, as they laugh and learn essential gymnastics and life skills on the “Little Stars Vault Board”.


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