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Individual Straps for Strapping Young Gymnasts

Love honing your bar game, but worrying about peeling off the bar… maybe… not so much? We can help!

We now sell our super, solid, gymnastics training bar straps in individual pairs!

Of course, we still offer our 8-pair packs that come color coded by length, so each athlete or age class can find the straps that are just right for them. They’re part and parcel of gymnastics training equipment gyms keep on hand for all their gymnastics bar flies!

However, after hearing from gymnastics club owners, parents and gymnasts seeking to keep their own personal bar straps at the ready, in the color coded length they’re used to from their gym’s stash, we’ve begun offering them in pairs for individual sale.

No longer will you have to scour the gym searching for the green or the pink pair you prefer. Is it, maybe, under that pile of mats in the corner? Or are they deep in a random bucket of grips, wrist bands, scrunchies and whathaveyou’s?

Pair-of-Gymnastics-Training-Bar-Straps_bs932pr_R_2049db66Would you like your very own pair of gymnastics bar straps rather than the common use pair coated in every cootie that’s snuck in the gym and started a throat scratch and a sniffle? Keep your goo to yourself with your own pair of gymnastics training bar straps — found right where you think they are: in your gym bag!

Gymnastics training bar straps take the pressures off of swinging giants by helping gymnasts stay attached to the bar by nature of being strapped to it.

Bar straps are worn bare-handed with no grips, one on each wrist, secured, comfortably over a wrist band. They work in conjunction with a PVC tube that slides over the steel, high bar which is the only type rail that you should use when working with training bar straps. Please don’t try to use them on a women’s uneven rail or with grips. By the way, never use your uneven bar grips or men’s ring grips on a steel bar. They’re too long! It’s not safe.

Gymnastics bar straps help you focus on your body alignment, body position and tap swing. When you don’t have to fear ripping off the bar, it’s a lot easier to tune into generating the energy and timing of a successful swing while making it prettier, as you iron out the fine details of perfect form. Use them to work overhand or underhand grip; they are your gateway to gorgeous form and function on the men’s high bar or women’s uneven bars.

Because we’ve been selling them in the 8-pair packs for, like, ever, we’ve not had to field questions about sizing. Gymnasts out in the community would just pick one of the pairs at their gym and tried it for fit or took their coach’s advice as to a possible good length for them. So, we could use your help to help all of our bar strap customers determine the best size to purchase when buying individually.

If we could hear from our folks out their in the gymnastics community what size their gymnast’s wrists are and what length of bar strap they use, we could put together a size chart like we have with all of our grips to aid in picking a size for purchase.

If a bar strap is too tight, it’s uncomfortable and cuts off circulation. That’s obviously no fun. If it’s too loose, you can fall out of them. Even less fun.

So what say you? Would you mind helping us out by measuring your gymnast’s or gymnasts’ wrists and telling us which color they use? It would be a BIG HELP to the community!

Help Us Make a Strap Bar Chart! We never needed the measurement before because we sold ‘em in sets. What size bar strap do you wear? We don’t have a clue. We need your help!

If you could find a second to help us help coaches and gymnasts make the right choice for their wrist size, please measure your gymnasts’ wrists, let us know their age and gymnastics level and what color bar straps they use. Send it to customerservice@ten-o.com Thank you!!!


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