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The Hottest Thing in Firefighting Training!

GPalt3Many acts of death defying skill and bravery end up on gymnastics mats. Not all of them involve gymnastics.

Fire departments use resi pit mats in their skills and safety training efforts. When training new firefighters to offset the physics of jumping out of a window or to survive the fall when the floor of a burning house has given way, fire departments use resi pits as staging mats in drop and roll skill drills.

For those readers who aren’t up on all the gymnastics jargon, a resi pit gymnastics mat doesn’t necessarily mean a mat set into a hole in the ground or a mat surrounded by walls. Don’t let the word “pit” throw you off. Resi pit is just what we call it in the biz.

A resi pit mat is simply a Very Thick Foam Mat. Our By GMR resi pit mats are typically 24in. or 32in. thick. Inside, we use a channel or ripple foam design that’s specifically engineered to provide the softest landing by allowing air to escape through mesh side panels as it absorbs the force of a falling gymnast or… firefighter! The channel foam design is built to give — producing a much softer landing than would be the splat of landing on a hard, solid foam block. 

Should you desire it, we can custom make your resi pit fire department staging mats to, pretty much, any size, but they typically come 5ft x 10ft or 6ft x 12ft. The outer foam elements are made with regular skill cushion foam surrounding a channel foam middle which is encased in 18oz. double coated fabric for high durability.

(Of course, no one should land on their head on these or any mat, for that matter. Just sayin’…)

Fire department training mats look a lot like the mats they use for movie stunts, pole vault and high jump. In fact, resi pit mats came into being when gymnastics coaches of yore (ya know, in Mike’s day) saw them used on the back end of a high jump. So, they dragged them into the gym to train gymnastics back before they had full on foam gymnastics pits.

Unlike gymnastics training, fire departments construct creative scenarios and light them on fire.

Just like gymnastics: training never really ends. Whether you’re a new recruit or a seasoned veteran doing maintenance safety training or continuing education to employ new technologies and navigate novel situations, you’re always looking to stay sharp, tight and focused.

To be prepared for _everything_ fire departments enter situations that illustrate the ways fire behaves in the presence of a multitude of variables including, but not limited to: furniture, building materials, smoke, hazmat elements, types of structures that may influence airflow, number of floors, presence of entities needing rescue (pets and humans), the list could be near endless. With all of these things to think about and maneuver through, rolling and falling needs to be ingrained in muscle memory once a firefighter slides down that pole.

Our fire department staging mat is a key part of their safety training arsenal. Thick, soft and durable, our fire safety training mats make excellent tools for firefighters to learn exactly how to roll and land, safely.

We are proud to provide high quality resi pit safety training mats to America’s heroes.


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