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By GMR on the Spot!

They’ve mastered the the round-off-back-handspring, now they want to do the really BIG stuff. You can see they’ve got that fire in their spirit, but they’re a little afraid. What do you do?

Strap ‘em in and string ‘em up! One of the best sets of training wheels is the gymnastics spotting rig!

Over-Head-Spotting-RigA spotting rig is a set of ropes and pulleys suspended from the ceiling that are attached to a spotting belt which a coach uses to support gymnasts as they learn and execute flipping and twisting moves. Spotting rigs help gymnasts incorporate advanced elements that are used as part and parcel of a gymnast’s routine or as end bits that put the bang in a dismount for all sorts of gymnastic events such as uneven bars, beam, parallel bars, trampoline, floor and rings.

In addition, to your spotting rig’s many merits instilling flips and twists into muscle memory, spotting rigs are worth their weight in gold for what they do for your gymnasts’ mental state. Fear is a factor when it comes to gymnasts taking their first flights forwards, even more so, backward.

Knowing that they are, literally, in their coach’s hands via the rope system gives your gymnasts the confidence to make that first or fifteenth leap. It helps them know that, if they aren’t strong enough, yet, their coach is their to help them feel their way toward getting there. If they don’t yet have a feel for how to turn their bodies or how high they need to be before they hit the ground, you can guide them using a spotting rig. You can also keep your athletes from flying off the tramp! With a spotting rig, you have the tools to teach, in real time, some of the skills that are tougher to explain with mere words alone. 

Spotting rigs for trampoline and rings are set up centered over the trampoline bed or the ring frame. For uneven or high bars, they are set up 2, 3, 4 feet away depending what your skill focus is. When rig spotting at the parallel bars to teach peach, you’ll want to position the rig centered over the bars.

Our spotting rig itself comes with 50 – 75 feet of soft but STRONG rope. This is important! You want a rope that you can manipulate and that is not going to kill your coaches’ hands. Our rope is made from flexible, braided nylon with a tensile strength that will hold 3,780lbs. (If you have a gymnast heavier than that, please send us a video). We’ve had more than a few customers return rigs they’ve bought from others to get our complete system with our especially strong, but soft, pliable rope. It glides through both pulleys with ease. We’ve been using this rope for 40 years!

Strong, heavy duty steel snap bolts lie at the end of each rope to attach to the spotting belt of your choice. Think bolts on the end of a dog leash where it attaches to the collar or harness. Two solid 1,000lbs load shackles and two I-beam clamps attach the rig to your gym or club’s ceiling beams. Incorporated into the rig are a 771lbs load single pulley and a 771lbs. load double pulley to provide smooth, friction free movement as you hoist and lower your excited gymnast.

Spotting belts are available separately designed either for forward and backward motion alone or for forward, backward and twisting movements. Get both belts for greater freedom or restriction as the skills or your training or the skill level of your athlete warrants.

Did you know that before pits were a Thing, people used traveling spotting rigs that move across the gym 40, 50 or 60 feet? Some gym clubs still use them, but most gymnastics gyms have a pit. If you don’t? Let us help you design and implement your modern sag bed pit, today!

Spotting rigs help you train all the Must Have Moves in today’s gymnastics: salto release moves, hechts, reverse hechts, jaegers, geingers on a single or uneven bars. Peachs and back tosses on p-bars. Spotting rigs help coaches do critical hands on spotting as they guide gymnasts through the moves. They help coaches keep their athletes from falling on their heads. They ensure gymnasts they don’t have to be terrified of doing that!


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