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Hot Diggity Dog!

regular hot dog beam

Decrease their fear factor! Increase your fun factor! Our six inch “hot dog beam” brings out the beast in your athletes!

Half the height, 2 inches wider and just as long as a competition sized balance beam, our hot dog beam comes with the same suede covering and padding you know and trust. Our By GMR, exclusive, hotdog beam is brilliant for teaching beginner gymnasts, old gymnasts new routine skills or any athlete getting a feel for those next level moves.

Your regular sized competition balance beam is 4inches wide. While 2 inches may not be a mile, they sure can feel like it when you’re doing back handsprings or switch leaps! Physically and psychologically, those extra 2 inches can be a big confidence booster while your gymnast works out that she *really can* do the thing. Once she’s mastered the hotdog beam, it’s only a mere two inches to her dreams on the competition meet sized beam.

The shorter height and the extra 2inches might be likened to a trial on training wheels before she takes off down the street on her big girl bike. For those who would benefit from a tricycle, we have the low hot dog beam that sits at a working height of 12inches from the ground. 

low hot dog beam

The wider, lower hot dog beam is also the perfect piece of equipment for a special ed gymnastics class. The lower height makes it seem less scary. The wider width is more accommodating to users with varying levels of development and physical abilities. The beam feels extremely stable to all athletes who might be reticent to get on a balance beam.

Disability gymnastics is gaining in popularity all across the United States and the larger world. Providing a place for differently abled youth and adults to explore and enjoy gymnastics offers a much needed outlet for physical fitness and social connection. Adding a disability gymnastics program, class, birthday party or element of your Parents Night Out offerings can be a real revenue booster for any gymnastics club or gym.

No matter there skill level or ability, the hot dog beam benefits everyone.

We asked one of our favorite coaches, Danelle from Solid Rock Gymnastics, what she likes to train on her wider beam. She offered just a few of the many, many possibilities:

“Backwalkover, backwalkover

Back walkover, backhandspring

Backhandspring, backhandpring

Backhandspring, layout (step out or true lay or salto in any position, pike, lay, etc)

All series with front or side aerials such as side arial, back handspring or layout.

All series with front handspring, like front handspring, front flip

I cannot possibly list all the potential series on beam…..”


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