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Texas! Where the Great GATs Be!

Good GAT! That’s the Gymnastics Association of Texas conference we attended this past August 31 to September 2, 2018. It’s also where we kicked off our celebration of GMR Gymnastics Sales 40th Anniversary!

mike, kappy, gary

Folks joined us at our 40th Anniversary fancy decorated table where they got the best candy schwag at the convention, Ferrero Rocher chocolates with limited edition GMR 40th Anniversary stickers! This picture is super special because we’re standing with our good friend, Gary Heartsfield, who actually got Mike started in the gymnastics equipment business way, waaaaay back in the day. 

Aside from dominating the candy game — who doesn’t love a fine chocolate in a cookie shell, rolled in chocolate and sprinkled with little nuts? We brought a number of gymnastics themed goodies to play with.

Both of our grips mascots were there. Big Grip! And Rocky the Raccoon!

JenniOur friend and Texas gymnastics coach extraordinaire, Jenni Hallock from G-4orce Athletics even donned the Big Grip costume for a tour around the booths! She’s a 25 year grips customer who loves our grips: she even wrote us to tell us that and it was such a cool story, we wrote about it. When she’s not coaching gymnastics, she’s out saving lives as an EMT. She’s basically a rock star who has the most infectious, positive spirit! It was such a pleasure to meet her in real life!

Meeting folks who have supported us in our 40 years in the business and who keep our sport alive is the highlight of attending conferences and trade shows. We love to keep in touch with the gymnastics community both at the national congress and at regional events. It brings us the opportunity to hear about your issues and concerns, learn how we can offer you the products and equipment you need and answer any questions you may have about gym design and outfitting, grips, you name it!

big grip red and blueThis time, we brought stuff with us that permitted us to focus on gymnastics pits and grips. In fact, we brought a demo model of every single grip we sell, so that coaches, parents and owners could see and feel them in real life. We had them in different sizes so gymnasts could try them on and get a sense of what size works best for them.

We even gave them away on a little Rocky the Raccoon plushie! Rocky in his grips has been a big hit for folks who are thinking ahead to gymnastics themed holiday gifts. We ask you: Where else are you going to get a stuffed animal in a pair of grips?

We gave away a $300 gift certificate to one of the participants in GAT’s Clue theme. We had 3 questions questions whose correct answers on a slip of paper with your name got you an entry into our $300 gift certificate prize drawing. Congratulations to Alexa Escobedo for being our lucky winner!

kappy and cubesWe also had our refreshing pit pool featuring our new pit cube foam covers which lend the illusion that your gymnastics pit is really a swimming pool shimmering in the afternoon sun! Nobody could resist taking a dip!

Of course, no gymnastics conference would be complete without stuffing our faces! We had the privilege of attending the Dollamur dinner for industry folk who sell their high quality mats. We went to a place called Trulucks for a decadent meal of seafood and steak.

Naturally, being in Austin and all, we had to hit up a few of the local breweries to sample of some of the hometown hit craft beers. Boulevard Burger and Brew and The Water Tank did us up right!

We also hit up San Antonio for some of their local craft beer at the Mad Dog British Pub along the riverwalk. And, we stopped off to remember the Alamo at The Alamo. History, Beer and Gymnastics. Nerd heaven.

the alamo


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