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It Must Be Providence!


It’s that time again! We’re packing furiously, gearing up to get out in the gymnastics community for USA Gymnastics Congress 2018 in Providence, Rhode Island August 9-11th. 

Unlike past years, there won’t be a major gymnastics competition alongside the conference and trade show, so we’re hoping that means we’ll get to spend extra time talking to coaches, club owners and gymnasts to learn more on what you like and what you need from your gymnastics industry professionals.

We love to answer folks’ questions about gym club design, gymnastics and cheer training equipment, designing or simply upgrading your existing gymnastics pit, gymnastics grips sizing or, well: Everything Gymnastics Since 1978! We celebrate Ten.0 and By GMR’s 40th anniversary this fall!

We’ve got a big booth planned for this year’s USA Gymnastics Congress Trade Show. We’re debuting four new products!

Come take a dip in our pit cube pool that features our new pit cube covers! Pit cube covers cut down on the proliferation of “pit fluffies” and will just generally keep things a lot cleaner around the pit. Our new Ten-o pit cube covers come with a cool water design that looks like sunlight reflected in a swimming pool giving your gym that water oasis paradise feel. If you like, we can custom make them to add your gym name into the design.

When you dip a hand or toe in our gymnastics pit cube pool, you fulfill one of your Golden Ticket Treasure Map tasks that play a part in your entry to win USA Congress 2018 super sweet gymnastics prizes.

Die pit fluffies! DIE!

Let’s see… What else can we fix? Oh! That’s right! Grips issues! Gymnastics grips help you stay on the bar and they help your skin stay on your palms. But, they can come with their own complications. Your grips’ finger holes grow looser with wear. Leather is tough on the wrist. Strap velcro can pop off at the most inopportune times and those little velcro hooks can snag your gorgeous, but not at all cheap, competition leotard.

Ten-o is always thinking, always thinking…

Here are three solutions to those little annoyances that will provide greater comfort and longer wear from your gymnastics grips and your swank competition leotards.

Our new 3-fer wristband: It’s a soft wrist, strap lock, snag stop! Say that 5 times fast! This specially designed gymnastics grip wristband fits under your grip and folds up over it to keep the velcro strap in place and its hooks out of the way.

If you prefer a more snug situation, allow us to introduce you to a silicone band that fits better than a glove! Easy please-y. Put on your regular wristband, slide the silicone band down over it folding it in half facing away from the grip. Next, slip into your grip. As you place your fingers into your gym grip holes, pull the band over the grip strap. You’re ready to Swing Bold!

As to those pesky growing grip holes… Our new “Pokey Finger Fixers” are little neoprene grip hole adjusters that add a snug and comfort fit to your gymnastics grips when inserted into the finger holes.

None of these items on the website, yet, so we invite you to get an advance look LIVE! at Congress!

In fact, we’re bringing ALL of our grips with us for you to check out LIVE! at Congress. Every. Single. Style. We. Carry. They’ll all be, um, on hand for you to see in real life, rather than trying to picture in your mind’s eye based on descriptions and photos on our website.

We welcome coaches and gymnasts alike to touch and talk to us about the ins and outs of each configuration. Buckle Grips? Velcro? Dowel? How do the different styles feel? Why not find out?!

We’ll have grips in every size, too, so you can try them on and really get a grip! on what size works best for your gymnasts.

In addition to participating in the USA Gymnastics Congress prize drawing, every year, we do our own Ten.0 prize giveaway. This year, we’re bringing you the perfect under the tree Christmas gift for young gymnasts. This is something you won’t find anywhere else! We’re giving away several of our Rocky the Racoon plushies complete with Rocky wearing his own iconic Ten.0 gymnastics 501 Blues Grips!

Simply pop by the booth with one of your USA Gymnastics Congress 2018 Digital coupons that you can get download from their website: http://usgsa.org/coupons/ and then check back after our drawing times to see, if you won one of the 25 Rockys given away in our 5 Rocky Drawings!

We’ll post the names of winners on the board at our booth. You don’t have to be present at the time of the drawing to win, but you do have to come by and grab the little guy before the end of the show. Don’t worry, though, we’re bringing some to sell, too, in case you don’t get pulled in the drawing.

But, that’s not all!!

We’re also bringing a variety of the gymnastics bar rails we carry, including some with new designs and materials, so you can ask questions and get a feel for them in real time.

You can also check out our new Dawn Mat right there in the booth, as you watch our instructional video that offers some great gymnastics drill ideas that take advantage of its unique shape. We’d love to hear what you and your coaches would do with it!


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