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Retro Fitness! Getting Your Pit in Shape!

Not every pit project is a fresh concrete pour or a big spankin’ new set of concrete block walls. Sometimes, you put a new spin on what you’re already workin’ with.

That’s what our friends at Midwest Twisters did out in Hartland, WI. 

“It’s the easiest install and the best pit system I’ve ever seen. Your pit system is great. It fixes every problem with the old, full tension tramp systems. It is much ‘softer’. Now, I have one more thing in the gym exactly like I want it,” Justin Slife owner of Midwest Twisters.

Justin wanted a complete redesign for the hole he already had in his facility. He had built 2 platforms for drop in trampolines. He had some resi pits and he had one 9.5ft x 14ft foam pit. That pit was the old style, tight trampoline bed that everyone used before By GMR came out with our innovative Sag Bed Pit System. The old style trampoline bed system sets the trampoline bed further down the wall and strings the trampoline very tightly to support the weight of the cubes. Theirs was set 4 feet down. With age, as happens to us old gymnasts, too, the springs had gotten stretched out.

To combat nature’s inevitable forces, Midwest Twisters did what many gymnastics gym owners have had to resort to: under-pinning their foam pit trampolines with foam pylons to support their trampoline bed.

Twisters BeforeAs is the case with that type of work around, it just wasn’t giving them the deceleration of forces they need from their gymnastics foam pit. So, they called us to upgrade to our Sag Bed Pit System and get some help with redesigning their gymnastics pits to improve function and flow.

They decided to convert some of the space in their gymnastics pit hole to a 9.5ft x 30 ft x 7ft Sag Bed “Skinny Pit”.

To us, anything less than 12 feet wide, we term a “skinny pit” because the frame is installed 3 feet down from the top. You see, the wider the pit, the more the pit will sag. So, if a gymnastics pit is wider than 12 feet across it will sag more to cover that area. To compensate for that width and sag, we install the frame a foot higher.

Let’s look at some pictures!

Pic 1


We’ve talked a lot about framing and how important it is for your walls to be stable. Here, you can see the 45 degree bracing on the back side which is tied into another wall. All walls are secured into the floor.

This would also be the part where we say: Build to Code! Find out what your local building codes are and DO THAT! Also, be sure and have a reliable contractor do it. We say this every time. We will always say it, because with all that’s at stake, we can’t emphasize it enough!

Pic 2


Here you have a view from underneath the pit featuring  the floor joist. You’re also looking at a lot of killer storage space! Halloween and Christmas decorations, anyone?


Pic 3

This is the raw plywood decking next to the trampolines with a hole for a trap door that allows you to get underneath to clean, service those trampolines or dig out your Santa suit! The plywood here is 3/4 plywood. Find out what your local building ordinances think it should be!

Pic 3

Isn’t she a beaut? Here we have the finished pit with the frame installed three feet down from the top edge. She’s just waiting for the next steps which are to pad the walls, string up the Sag Bed Trampoline and pour on some pit cubes! To the left, mid way through, you can see the pedestal for the single bar trainer upright. On the right, you see the top part of the cantilever platform for the other upright of the single bar trainer.

Twisters Padding Use

Advancing to the wall padding stage, you can see they’re nicely apholstered with black, carpet bonded foam, placed 3 feet down from the top of the pit’s edge. You’ll note, they’ve added the secret password to the trapdoor/storage paradise underneath the floor, you’d never even know it’s there!

Twisters Bed 2

There she is! A pretty, little, skinny Sag Bed Pit, indeed! Notice how the foam is woven in through the springs to keep everything nice and neat and super safe for gymnast feet!?! Next step is to tie the flaps down over them. When you look close, you can see the bed sag, just waiting to all decelerate forces to come from the single bar trainer that will fit into the columns there at the sides.


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