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Make it to the Top with Ten-o Grips!

Rocky the Raccoon held the whole world captive with his amazing 25 floor ascent of the UBS Plaza Building in St. Paul, Minnesota this past June, 2018. We know raccoons are famous —  at times, infamous, trouble-makin’ climbers. They scale trees and rockfaces, so why not buildings? They’ve got those irresistibly cute little hands!

But, come a little closer, gentle reader, we’ll let you in on what we think was the secret to his astounding 25-story Climb!

We bet Rocky was wearing his Ten-o grips!


Ten-o gymnastics grips are made with thick, strong leather that protects the wearer from the rigors of the activity in which they’re engaged. Maybe that leather protects the ripped up palms of a 12 year old gymnast swinging giants. Maybe it guards the teeny hands of daredevil, trash panda scaling one of the city’s tallest buildings! 

It does beg the question… Was Rocky wearing a grip like a gymnastics palm grip that we recommend for beginner gymnasts who are just starting out? We do think this was his first building climb.

Palm grips let younger gymnasts get used to the feel of wearing something between their hands and the bars. Our Pixie and Gecko palm grips use a lighter weight “baby suede” whereas our 2nd Grip Palm Grips are the next step up. They employ a heavier leather preparing your young gymnasts for the “Big Gymnast” dowel grips.

Wearing dowel gymnastics grips helps support the fingers giving a sort of horizontal claw or second thumb thing that helps a gymnast hold onto a single bar trainer or, say, a raccoon hold on to a window sill!

Perhaps Rocky was sporting a pair of Ten-o 501 Blues Dowel Grips to give his itty bitty fingers some added support to aid in the endurance it must have taken to make that monster 25 floor climb!

Ten-o does have the largest online inventory of gymnastics grips with a wide selection of styles and colors. It’s possible being of the animal persuasion, himself, he chose the Choco Grips named after Mike and Kappy’s rescue dog Choco! 

We’re guessing Rocky is more of a velcro grips than buckle straps fan. Though, who knows! He is a dextrous little guy!


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