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It Dawned On Us…

What our coaches and athletes need is a multi-purpose training mat which features a built-in 24 inch high spotting block attached to an incline that transitions down to a lower end that is still 12 inches high.

Most wedge shaped mats of this shape transition all the way down to a 2 inch lower end. However, our new “Dawn Mat”, named after Coach Dawn Campos who came to us with the custom matting request, allows a soft, skill cushion to be positioned at the end of the incline.

That 12 inch low end butting up to the softer skill cushion matters because it allows for that softer landing so important to gymnastics drills and new skill acquisition. The Dawn Mat can be used in the either the horizontal or vertical position for training variety of optional and compulsory skills!

The Dawn Mat stands 3’ x 8′ and is filled with high density Polyurethane foam with a cross link top and is covered in 18 oz. coated fabric.

At By GMR, we welcome your custom matting design requests! In working with Danelle Catlett and Dawn Campos from Solid Rock Gymnastics out of Lincoln, Nebraska to develop the mat they wanted for their gymnastics training work, we saw that other coaches and athletes might benefit from a mat of this same shape. Lo and Behold! The Dawn of the Dawn Mat!

No more smashing your toes into the spring floor when using a mat with a regular incline. Add a little space in between the end of the Dawn Mat and the skill cushion and voila! You’ve a nice little spot for hitting a flat back!

Having that 12 inches at the lower end, as you’ll see in the videos, gives the gymnast a bit more air time before landing on the next mat, more time and space to reinforce the hollow position and more room for feet to clear.

The Dawn Mat works great leading into the pit or on the floor. It’s the perfect accompaniment for drilling basic and advanced skills. It will take your kids from handstand shaping skills and back handsprings to Yurchenko and Tsukahara vault drills.

In a handstand drill, the wedge allows the gymnast a second to rest as she trains her muscles for the strength and the shaping she needs to maintain the positioning.

In a handspring drill on the floor, because the end of the mat is higher, it gives the gymnast more room to rotate and not sit up.

When practicing a split leg handstand for the beam or a walkover, having that mat there gives the gymnast something to brace against when kicking back and forth.

Of course, this will all make a lot more sense if you see it with your own eyes. To that end, you can check out the videos we made!


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