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Who You Gonna Call?


Mike Raines.

39 years in the gymnastics equipment manufacturing business + 17 years coaching men’s gymnastics + 7 years as a competitive gymnast + 4 years judging men’s gymnastics…

Gives Mike a edge others just can’t offer.

Mike’s designed and helped gym owners design hundreds of gymnastics gyms over what will be 40 years this September. He would like to share the benefit of that experience with you. He loves this stuff!

Mike said, “Let’s write a blog post about how people can call me on my cell, anytime. I don’t have office hours.”

I said, “Well, Mike. We probably shouldn’t put your cellphone number on the Internet. There are programs that scan for stuff like that; plus, it’s the Internet, things can get weird.”

So, we decided we’d write the post to say that folks who have gymnastics gym questions can call the office number 1-800-241-9249 ext. 226, and from there, they can get his cell, if you need to reach him after regular business hours. Though, truth be told, you might reach him at his extension on the weekend, anyway. He’s often there on a Saturday when it’s quiet.

Of course, if you’re one of those people who hates the phone, he’s available via email, too!

Some of his 39 years in the gymnastics equipment industry include the 17 years he spent in a gymnastics gym coaching men’s gymnastics and his 4 years judging. He wanted to be sure and say that some of the aforementioned years were concurrent.

Mike: “I’m not Methuselah!” Lol.

Those years did teach Mike how gyms work; how they work best. When you own and operate a gymnastics gym, you want life in your club to flow! A gymnastics gym is a dynamic place: with its classes, kids and coaches; parents, parties; sales and merch; meets, events; everything from elite athlete training to recreational fun and parents nights out and all that a gym brings to a community, a gym’s got to run like a train station in Zurich.

Safety is just as mission critical to the gym, as it is to a train station when you’ve got tons of kids going as hard as they can, in all different directions. The marriage of gymnastics equipment manufacture and coaching taught Mike how to operate a gym safely. A big portion of your gym’s safety lies in a gym’s design and the way your equipment is laid out across the floor plan.

Buy the right equipment. Get it laid out for maximum efficiency and safety. Get it installed properly. Keep it maintained safely. Call Mike.

Got questions about what you need for your cheer program? Your kid’s rec program? Preschool, martial arts, dance, barre fitness, dance? Ask Mike.

If you’re putting in a new pit and need the specs for the concrete or you want to upgrade from the outdated, tight trampoline bed to our Sag Bed Pit system for better deceleration, Call Mike.

Mike can help you figure out which mats are right for you, source the right part for those AAI or Spieth America bars that need tweaking — we sell By GMR as well as all the major manufacturers of gymnastics equipment—. He’s an expert in logistics and can get you what you need – fast – the cheapest way possible. He can easily walk you through an installation.

Mike’s nigh on 40 years in gymnastics will make you feel right at home asking that complex question that can’t be categorized, but will make total sense when you lay it out with Mike on the phone.


1(800) 241-9249
9:00 am - 6:00pm Monday - Thursday EST
9:00am - 4:00pm Friday EST


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