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10.0 Award and The Region 8 Hall of Fame


Left to Right: Mike Raines, Collin Hickey, Brody Malone, Stewart Brown, Kevin White

The 10.0 Award! 34 years and going strong! GMR Gymnastics Sales enjoys the pleasure of rewarding excellence in men’s gymnastics paired with scholarly achievement and care in their community!

Graduating seniors who excel in gymnastics, academics and extracurricular activities receive a glass sculpture and acknowledgement at their annual Region 8 Championship meet.

This year’s winner is Brody Malone! Brody is quite the rising star in the gymnastics world with a heady set of national and international titles under his belt:

National Competition Results

• 2017 P&G Championships, Anaheim, Calif. – 1st-AA, FX, PH, PB, HB; 2nd-SR; 4th-VT (17-18)

• 2017 Men’s Junior Olympic National Championships, Kissimmee, Fla. – 2nd-AA (JE 17)

• 2017 Winter Cup Challenge, Las Vegas, Nev. –

• 2016 P&G Championships, St. Louis, Mo. – 3rd-HB; 7th-VT (15-16)

• 2016 Men’s Junior Olympic National Championships, Battle Creek, Mich. – 2nd-AA, VT(T), PB; 3rd-SR; 5th-PH, HB (L10 JE 15)

• 2015 Men’s Junior Olympic National Championships, Daytona Beach, Fla. – 6th-HB; 7th-AA, PB (L9 JE 14)

International Competition Results

• 2018 RD761 International Junior Team Cup, Katy, Texas – 2nd-HB; 3rd-Team, SR; 5th-VT; 6th-AA, PB

• 2017 International Junior Gymnastics Competition, Yokohama, Japan – 2nd-HB; 4th-AA, PB; 6th-VT

Brody worked hard at Twisters gymnastics in Cartersville, GA near Summerville where he lives. Next year he’ll be setting off for Stanford, California on a full ride, gymnastics scholarship! We at By GMR wish you the best of luck, Brody!

Also, nominated were Stewart Brown of Foothills Gymnastics, North Carolina and Collin Hickey Gymnastics USA, Florida. Our heartfelt congratulations go out to these two strong, young gymnastics and academic achievers!

Another, very special, honor bestowed at the May 12-13th, Jekyll Island, Region 8 Men’s Levels 7 – JO meet, one that means a lot to us here at By GMR and ten-o.com HQ was seeing Mike Raines get inducted into the Region 8 Hall of Fame.

Mike started Region 8 men’s gymnastics. Well, he and Kappy did. They wrote the first Region 8 newsletter. That was probably back in 1979, ’78? They can’t remember exactly when. It was back before it was all highly organized like it is today. That was back before they had the guidance from USA Gymnastics like they do these days. That was back when club gymnastics was just getting off the ground, maybe, around 1975-76. We were lucky to get 40 gymnasts at a Region 8 meet from GA, AL and NC.

Mike says, “We held the first state meet. We held the first Region 8 regionals championship. We held the first regional clinic. We also did the first regional compulsory judges course in our area to teach judging for compulsories. All the judges were used to college or high school kids. Compulsories was a new thing to them.”

On being inducted into the Region 8 Hall of Fame:

Mike says, “It is such an honor. Region 8 gymnastics means a lot to me. I’m so proud of the way its grown and so excited about all of the new talent that’s out there! We went to the Region 8 compulsories for levels 4 -6 in TN, at the end of April and we were blown away by how many young gymnasts there were just in those levels. There was something like 715 boys all doing solid, basic gymnastics! It’s great to see! It’s an honor to have my contributions to the foundations of Region 8 gymnastics recognized by the organization and it’s really heartening to see the organization grow and see it flourish to support so many young kids in all that gymnastics brings to them.”


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