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Cubism in All its Colors!


It’s spring and all the colors of gymnastics pit cubes are in full bloom!

Bright, eye catching colors like Royal Blue, Red, Kelly Green, Lime Green, Orange, Purple, Yellow, and Pink brighten your gym. Or, if you prefer a more understated pit, we carry more neutral pit cube colors such as charcoal, black and light grey. We offer a total of 11 colors of gymnastics training pit cubes to choose from!

We would caution against using white, however, as age will turn your white cubes to a rather icky and unappealing looking yellow that no one will want to jump into.

Pit Contest

Speaking of jumping into… no mention of a gymnastics pit should go without mentioning that… Never, please, Ever,  should anyone dive head first into a gymnastics pit!!! The risk of catastrophic injury cannot be overstated or stated frequently enough. In fact, with every Sag Bed Pit System we sell, we send along a list of warnings we recommend posting near your pit to promote the health and safety of your gymnasts and your pit. Check out this post to learn more! 

All of our pit cubes meet California’s carefully researched regulations concerning environmental and health concerns. Our foam pit cubes balance impact comfort with resistance to the wear and tear inherent to the physics at play when bodies come flipping and twisting into your gymnastics club’s training pit. Our By GMR gym pit cubes are made with the high tensile and tear strength needed to withstand impacts from bodies in motion that those pit cubes encounter over and over and over again throughout their tenure in your gymnastics pit.

Most gymnastics gym or club owners use a 6 inch pit cube but some of our customers ask for an 8 inch cube. We carry both. It’s really a matter of preference, as to what size your put in your pit. We have noticed that the little ones will just walk across the larger sized cubes, though.

What is important is foam density measured in pounds per cubic foot (weight) and foam softness. There is a lot of rather tedious math behind that statement that we don’t want to bore you with. It’s all wrapped up in the foam’s weight and ILD number which basically means how soft or how hard the foam is. Use a low density foam and it will tear, break down and be a “pit fluffy” nightmare which will have your kids covered in them and have you, your athletes and their parents constantly cleaning your pits. Too soft and your pit cubes will squish out and not slow them down and protect them when your kids hit the pit. It will also mean that when you think you’re getting a killer deal on pit cubes that are a 12- 25, you’re really setting yourself up to spend twice as much because you’ll be buying a whole new pit full of cubes next year because your 1.2-25 cubes are shredded.

Your best bet with regard to density lies in the range of 1.45 or 1.5 and that means durability. Buying pit cubes with an ILD at 31 and 45 means your gymnastics pit cubes are soft enough to land on comfortably and will absorb the physics of bodies in motion, but are not so unsubstantial that they tear at the business end of a twisting double back.

Next fall, we hope to bring even more fun to your gym pit with our new pit cube covers! We’re working on a design that mirrors that shimmering pattern you see in swimming pools when sunlight hits. It’s so cool! Wait ’til you see it!


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