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Spring has Sprung!

I-Got-My-Hand-Spring-Vault-Pin_pt79_R_1549f875The frosts have thawed and the daffodils have broken through the newly warmed earth, as the sun shines a welcoming mid 70-ish degrees. Freshly painted toenails escape winter boots for the freedom of spring sandals and green grass. We hid the eggs. We ate the ham. Kids saw the bunny. Easter’s over. Time for Spring Break! Let the first gymnastics and cheer camps commence!

To celebrate the ground hog’s dream come true, we at GMR think it’s time for a spring fling celebration of all things spring! For without them, where would our gymnasts’ joints be?

Thankfully, spring floors have been around, now, for decades. GMR developed the first 2 x 4 elite spring floor in 1986 that revolutionized spring floors. An integral part of all of our spring floors, our 2in. diameter by 4in tall springs have recently gotten their own little spring sprucing in that they are now powder coated white for longer life and prettier presentation.

They put the white in the Red, White and Blue decor appeal in our All-American Fast Floor! Available in 42 x 42 ft. or 42 x 54 ft. as easy setup and takedown rental or permanent solution for gymnastics and cheer competitions or school meets. We designed and manufactured special racks that hold the floor system which is stacked with the floor panels such that they are ready to roll off and connect one to another. Each panel is made with interlocking velcro panel tabs that are offset by 4inches; so that they lay over each other eliminating any fiddling or any such bother! Simply lay it down and done!

Want to put a new bit of bounce in your vault board? Our 9in. and 6.5in. black oxide springs fit any competition vault board. The tall vault springs go in the first two positions. The short vault spring goes in the rear.

For gymnasts who still have their training springs on… that is those who train using our Air Lift Board… should you need to replace a few of those springs, or 40 for a total replacement, we got you! Our airlift springs are easier to find than Easter’s cadbury cream egg ‘cause we sell them all year long!

Spring being a time for the birds and the bees (and the plants and the pollen) our sexiest springs are surely our Rebound Elite Competition Spring Set! Hubba Hubba!

The Rebound Elite Spring is the most carefully researched and emulated trampoline spring in the world. The Rebound spring provides the smoothest bounce with the longest lifetime of any trampoline spring. Years of fine tuning have enabled Rebound to produce a trampoline spring that is almost as light as standard competition springs, yet offers more than double the lifetime. These springs are for use with the A163-R2S 7 x 14 string bed or with Eurotramps. This is the spring you want on your bed when your spring fever spikes!

However, if you don’t need a whole brand new set of springs, but rather your trampoline springs only need a little refreshing for the season. We can help there, too with our individual 9in. standard trampoline springs, 10 in. competition springs or 6 inch mini-trampoline springs. Our zinc plated, steel tempered springs deliver reliable, high performance bounce when and where you need it. Spruce up your tumble track or sag bed system pit system with fresh springs this spring for bigger, better bounce!

Also hot this spring is our By GMR Alumnaflex Competition Spring Balance Beam that’s On Sale! Now that tax season is over for this year it’s time to start clocking next years equipment tax write-offs! Every little bit counts!

The Alumnaflex is designed for ease of adjustment up and down while the feet remain in place. The 1/2in. performance pad plus suede cover is highly durable and feet friendly with an exceptional tumbling and turning surface. The end brace rod is spring-loaded for dismount punch!


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