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GMR: Martial Arts Grand Mats-sters!

20180222_073357Drunken Monkey or Praying Mantis, Aikido, Tae Kwon Do or Judo, no matter how you get there, hitting the ground hurts. We, as gymnasts, know this. We’ve taken a fair amount of flights and falls ourselves.

That’s why we at GMR Gymnastics Sales have been making mats AND martial arts floor covers for 37 years!

Our aim is to offer a solution that fits the budget of every martial arts dojo. Whether you’re just starting out or you’re outfitting your third location, we’ve got a martial arts floor that will work for you!

Our most economical martial arts floor option is our DIY assembly, vinyl floor cover stretched over 1 3/8in. or 2in. crosslink foam. LINK MA 500. What sets this martial arts and self defense floor apart is that we provide special instructions on how to make your own stretcher bars.

20180222_063229Using stretcher bars to install your new floor cover will give you that smooth, clean, professional footing surface that shows your clientele —that critical first impression— your dojo is the real deal.

Our vinyl floor martial arts and self defense school covers are available in popular colors such as: blue, red, gray, purple, green, and black. Your cover comes as a seamless construction,18oz. double coated polyester piece of fabric and is priced per square foot. When installed over our crosslink sparring foam with our special stretcher bar method, you get a pristine, smooth pivoting surface. Tell us how big you need it and we’ll get you set up! Affordable, easy to install and durable, these foam and floor covers are a popular option for many self defense and martial arts schools.

takedownSometimes, you need to move things around, though. You brought in some tables for the kids and their Karate Kid Birthday Party and now it’s time for the adults to come in and kick each other’s butts, literally, with some kickboxing. This is where your portable mats come in real handy!

Portable mats fold up, stack and get out of your way! Our sparring and takedown mats offer unique velcro connectors and are specially designed so that they butt up against each other with no gaps or cracks, no hems around. Our mats fit flush to ensure that when someone takes a fall, it’s because they were thrown!

Configure your mats to fit your space using our end-to-end connection system! Get a long throwing strip or use a side-by-side configuration to create a training square, unfold two or more mats and unleash a 10’ x 20’, 20’ x 20′ or 20’ x 30’ martial arts or self defense training space!

Our fold up and store mats offer a couple of foam thickness choices for different budgets and each offers the sure footing and shock absorption your clients need to feel safe when sparring. The cover comes in a durable royal blue 18oz. double coated polyester fabric.

Get yours in 6’ x 6’, 6’ x 12’,  8’ x 8’, 8’ x 10’, 10’ x 10’ or customize it to your own specifications!  Pick your perfect size and get back to the business of floor sweeps, takedowns and liver knockouts! (Ow!)

For folks with a little more in their budget who want a big floor option that they can also roll up and move about, we offer our Smooth Vinyl Bonded Foam Flexi Roll and Tatami mats.

split foamThe unique way the Flexi Roll® floor rolls up makes this system the perfect solution for your MMA gym or self defense training center. The foam is split every 4” on the back side by a unique engineering process that doesn’t effect the durability, strength or bond of the vinyl. One person can easily roll an entire floor up or out. They practically unroll themselves!

The Flexi Roll® vinyl surface is smooth and backed with a tough, non-woven polyester for maximum strength and comfort. The Tatami style mat harkens back to the traditional rice straw mat used in the Japanese aesthetic. In martial arts world, this means it’s got a bit of a texture which allows for greater traction and faster movement when training stand-up and striking martial arts like Judo, Tae Kwon Do and Karate. Both styles are available in a range of colors, sizes and thicknesses to suit your martial arts school or home martial arts training needs. That’s right! You aren’t limited to training at a school! You practice your kungfu forms, stretches and kicks on a mat in the comfort of your own home, too!


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