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Happy 2018! What’s New in the New Year?!

gym year We’re looking ahead to the New Year to roll out something extra special we’ve put together for our friends in competitive cheer, we’re bringing back a gymnastics classic and we’ve innovated our website design; so that when you come to ten-o.com you enjoy an easy and elegant shopping experience, no matter what type of device you use!

GMR Gymnastics Sales has rung in 39 New Years in the gymnastics business and we’ve loved every minute of them! What started out as strictly “snail mail” order catalogue business has grown and changed quite a bit oh these many auld lang synes. But, if there’s one thing gymnastics teaches it’s that you’ve got to be flexible, if you want to perfect your skills!

To that end, we’re rolling with the changes that are so much a part of today’s Internet culture and that means creating a website with a shopping experience that’s easy to navigate and user friendly across all the types of computers people use be they desktops, laptops, tablets or phones.

In fact, our data shows that close to 70% of our customers shop on their phones. So, we’ve added layers of programming that detect what type of device your using in order to serve you the version of our site that’s best formatted for size of the device your using.

*Don’t worry, for those who always use laptops or desktops, you’ll hardly notice a thing. There will be plenty of continuity. You may see some images change and the look and feel will be a bit more “modern and clean”, product images are bigger, but overall, navigation and structure will still be very much the same for those platforms.*

We’ve also added a few extras that, we think, a lot of people will appreciate and that will seem familiar. For instance, we’ve updated our search functionality to include suggestive search.

What’s that?

You know when you start typing a word on google and it fills in possible suggestions as to what you might be looking for? In our case, let’s take… Vault. Type vault and you get a list all products that begin or have to do with vaulting.

Suggestive search is really helpful, if you’re not sure of the exact name or phrase for what you’re looking for or if you’re not sure of how to spell something. You can further refine your search by adding words and you’ll get more suggestions, example… Vault Table… and then you’ll get everything to do with vault tables.

Other new features we’ve added are the Save for Later and the Recently Viewed. These help you get back to things you were looking at before. Save for Later, is a bit like bookmarking. Recently Viewed is similar to Amazon’s list of things you looked at last time you were on their site, so if you get pulled away before you get to finish looking or complete your order, you can come back and pick up right where you left off!

2018 Will also be the year of the All-American Fast Floor!

If you’re putting on a Cheerleading All-Star Competition and you’re in GA, SC, NC, AL or TN (most states in the southeast, except FL & MS) we’re here to help put some birch floor bounce under those bows!

We call it our Fast Floor because we’ve designed it as a one stop shop that’s ready to roll off of our specially designed racks and right into your facility, the panels are numbered for easy setup. It’s comes with a little All-American flare with its red caps, white springs and blue velcro. It’s yours to rent for the weekend or the duration of your event. We’ll be on hand to help supervise set-up and takedown!

We offer a 42ft x 54ft competition floor. You can also get a 12ft x 60ft warmup floor and/or a carpet bonded foam floor, we can help there, too!

classic gripsLook for our Classic White Grip to get back in the swing of things again this spring! Discontinued about 2 years ago, our 900 series classic grip with the thicker leather, much beloved by our more advanced gymnasts, returns! Super easy to break-in, on the thicker side, but less likely to stretch, we know lots of our long time grips fans out there will be heartened to take to the bars again in our Classic White Grips!

2018 looks to be a good one! Thank you so much for ringing in another year of this beautiful and graceful sport with us! We at GMR and Ten-o are so grateful for your continued support!


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