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Perfect Landings Made to Order

mike and resi pit matEvery gymnastics gym club or high school gym building has its unique facility design quirks: a pole here, a column there. Unfortunately, there’s nothing you can do about them. They are part and parcel of gymnastics gym ownership or space rental.

For maximum efficiency, you’ve planned and packed out your gymnastics club to make the most of your equipment in the space you’ve got. Once you’ve tetris’d everything in there just right, it still usually ends up there’s that wee bit left over, an odd size, that’s still viable space where bodies are going to land.


And that means, a cookie cutter sized mat just isn’t gonna cut it.

Enter your By GMR custom landing mat.

pole custom matThese folks had all this lovely training space, briefly interrupted by this one annoying, little pole. Undaunted, we asked them to take a few measurements, let us know how thick they need their mat and voila! Problem solved! No problem!

We also make custom gymnastics landings mats in the thickness of your choosing: 12cm, 18cm…



red custom mat




We can create custom mat shapes according to the dimensions of your gymnastics pits, too. Here’s a half hourglass shaped custom landing mat we did for a special needs pit.

big t custom mat





Another custom resi mat designed per the needs and specifications of one of our customers is this 16ft x 20ft x 32in. T-shape pit mat in the red and blue colors of their choosing, as we also do custom colors!












In fact, we did all of the beautiful purple custom resi pit mats you see here in LSU’s gorgeous new training facility.

Should you desire custom colors for your gymnastics team, club or school, we’d be happy to custom make your skill cushions to match! 

dual density skill cushionSkill cushions and dual density skill cushions are made 8inches or 12inches thick and are generally placed on top of gymnastics landing mats to provide that extra padding at the beginning stage of learning a skill.

Dual density skill cushions are firm on one side and soft on the other. Dual density gymnastics mats are perfect for all phases of learning a skill.

LSU uses theirs on top of their pit cubes, so that when the gymnast is in the early stages of learning their skill they start out landing on the softer side. As they progress towards landing more often standing up, they will flip the mat over, so the gymnast lands on the firmer side getting them ready to take the skill to the floor.

Example dimensions of a custom gymnastics skill cushion we’ve made to meet the needs of a customer are 10ft x 16ft x 12in. thick. Like dual density gymnastics mats skill cushions are often also used on top of gymnastics pit foam cubes when training a new skill, in case the gymnast lands oddly or over rotates. Or, skill cushions can be put on the floor to help smooth things out when an athlete loses their balances and rolls backwards. Gymnastics skill cushions really provide an all purpose mat that can fill in anywhere a little extra padding and care might be needed!

Gymnastics gyms, high school gymnastics programs or recreational gymnastics programs and the like are not the only arenas where custom landing mats are a big hit! (ha!)

Georgia is fast becoming the Hollywood of the south for film and movie production. Where there are movies, there are always stuntmen, or now in our modern, more evolved times stuntpersons, as both men and women gymnasts bring their unique skills to the silver screen.

If you think your gymnastics club has space constraints you should see those on a movie set! A special concern of the cinema is keeping that custom made stunt mat out of sight of the camera and that’s exactly what we do!

Stunt MatMovie budgets total in the millions and God is in the details. We go to the movies to escape reality and suspend our disbelief, we want to believe Peter Pan can fly. We don’t want to see him land on a stunt pad.

To that end, film industry stunt pads are dyed pitch black, made with no logos, offer lots of handles so they can be pulled out of shot quick and designed to fit the exact dimensions determined by the production department, amen.

In short, no matter who you are or why you need it: you tell us what you want. We give you that.


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