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10% off Simone Biles Equipment for Christmas!


Nothing, but nothing, puts the stars in a young gymnast’s eyes like the name: Simone Biles. She is to today’s generation what names like Mary Lou Retton, Nadia Comaneci and Olga Korbut are to gymnasts of yesterday.

Simone Biles is THAT gymnast in a generation with a rare gift that inspires. That’s why we’ve put all of our Simone Biles training equipment on sale at 10% off  so you can give the gift of Biles’ borne inspiration to the young gymnasts in your life this Christmas!

Spieth America partnered with Simone Biles to bring a line of training equipment to today’s generation of gymnasts to see what They Can Do. And, as you can see, Ms. Biles styled her Simone Biles signature line in her favorite color: Purple!

low learning beamNow everyone can train like Simone Biles! Little ones can start out with the low learning beam or the beam surface expander — Simone Biles didn’t start off on the high beam, either!

bright starYour gymnasts, of course, will find plenty to practice on with the Simone Biles Bright Star package which includes bar, beam, panel and landing mat! 

Christmas colors are traditionally red, gold and green, but trust us when we tell you, your gymnasts will love to see a little purple under the tree this year!


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