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Christmas Deal of the Day!

2017You know what they say! A deal a day helps keep the doctor away during the holidays!

This year Ten-o cures what wassails ya: Christmas shopping done in a deal-a-day! No more crowds, malls and wondering where in the heck you’re going to find gymnastics themed gifts for your gymnast who lives, breathes and handsprings gymnastics down the hall to her bedroom!

Every day ’til December 22nd, just check back on our Ten-o homepage to see what the day’s deal is.

Each day one product category will be deeply discounted making your gymnastics Christmas shopping that much easier, if not done! The early bird’s worm wakes at 7am, Monday through Thursday and retires at 11:59am that same day. Friday through Sunday, get your gymnastics themed Christmas gift deal beginning Friday at 7am continuing throughout the weekend until Sunday until 11:59pm.

Just follow this link:


to get the product code you’ll use for the product category on sale for that day. You’ll see it in the sign held up by the Christmas elf!


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9:00am - 4:00pm Friday EST


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