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Tumbling into Christmas 2017

Can you paint fine details, in reverse mirror-image, through a tiny hole onto a thin, delicate piece of glass? No?

Unsurprisingly, neither can we. Lucky for all of us, we’ve found some very talented folks who can.

Years ago, sometime in the late 1990’s, at China’s world renowned Canton Trade Fair, Mike and Kappy met Mr. Liu, a sweet, unassuming, gifted painter.

Mr. Liu works for a small factory in China that does the most delicate of handiwork. Kappy, who has an eye and a soft spot for artisanal crafts, was on the hunt for something special to bring to ten-o.com’s Christmas gift offerings. She knew she had found something unique in Mr. Liu’s talent.

Mr. Liu is old school Chinese and doesn’t speak a word of English, so they spoke through a translator, a young kid. Even through a translator, you can get a feel for people. The translator’s words were accompanied by smiles and bows. Kappy could tell he wanted to communicate on his own and so did she, so she set about learning Mandarin Chinese, so she could talk with the folks that make the few things that aren’t made here in our Lithonia, GA HQ.

When she & Mike returned to China, Kappy greeted and spoke with Mr. Liu in his native language such that he was able to understand and communicate back using his own voice. He cried, moved that she had made such an effort to reach out to him. She cried, moved that she had succeeded in reaching him so deeply. It was such an emotional moment for both of them. It’s one of her favorite memories in her journey with GMR and one that adds one of the many layers of richness to the 18 year tradition of ten-o.com‘s ornament offerings.

Dive Roll1999 inaugurated the tradition of Ten-o’s annual Christmas ornaments with Christmas Night Dive Roll . Over the years, families across the gymnastics community have collected these gymnastics themed ornaments each year, as they’ve raised gymnasts who grow into coaches and moms who decorate their trees with their young gymnasts.

Besides… Where else are you going to find a Christmas ornament of Santa Claus clad gymnast doing a split leapSanta Leap


Other popular ornaments that have made young gymnasts’ Christmas trees that much more their own include…


Our gymnastics  angel!

Box Set

Our gymnastics themed ornament box sets! 


We’ve also made sure to put something for our tumbling cheerleaders on the tree! 


This year, as we tumble out of 2017 and into Christmas, we’ve featured our Christmas gymnast doing an Arabian Front Flip! Gorgeous, trimmed in holly and red ribbon, she is sure to bring a smile beaming pure delight to your young gymnast, as she sees herself reflected in your family’s Christmas traditions.


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