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Tumbling is like flying… On Flex Carpets!


Based in the state of Georgia, the carpet capital of the world, GMR is well-positioned to pass on the best prices to our customers.

Since 1980, we have been buying the base for our floor exercise carpets from world renowned manufacturers, nearby. Then, here in the US, in our Lithonia, Georgia facility, we put the gymnastics magic into the carpets that go into gymnastics clubs, gyms, schools and universities.

See, you can’t just take any old roll of carpet, spread it out over your spring floor and start doing round-offs. You’ve got to get those flying carpets ready for take-off and that means adding foam, trimming them to fit the surfaces serious gymnastics gyms use: spring floors.

And, what gymnastics team doesn’t want to show their spirit with custom carpet in your high school, university or team’s colors?! GMR can help you make that happen!

Our tumbling carpets come in two styles: Classic and Champion.

Our classic carpet features a longer, fuzzier, non-abrasive, wearlon fiber. It’s available in three economical, easy to install and store 14ft.8in. by 44ft rolls, as many schools often need to switch things up to accommodate differing activities sharing the same space. Put them together and you’ve got the 44ft. x 44ft. standard USAG, NCAA, NFSA and FIG floor exercise carpet. Hook and loop belts connect the sections together for fast, easy and virtually seamless installation.

Of course, these come in smaller sizes, too, to fit over your tumble strip. The plush wearlon fiber is easy to clean, diffuses static, soil resistant and offers built in dimension creating a workable surface that’s gorgeous, too!

Choose your classic carpet from 20 vibrant colors! Blue is most common, but other colors like ruby, purple, silver and teal are popular, too!

Incidentally, because of our unique relationship with Georgia carpet makers, we are the largest supplier to offer custom color options, in the world.

Our Classic Elite Flex Carpets include a 40ft. x 40 ft.  center competition area with four 3ft. x 43ft. borders made with contrasting colors that complete a 46ft. x46ft. square, tumbling floor ex carpet.

You can choose from any two color combinations: Navy, Light Blue, Medium Blue, Cobalt, Ruby (closest to Red), Burgundy, Mauve, Pastel Pink, Purple, Plum, Lavender, Green, Hunter Green, Teal, Aqua, Silver, Gray, Charcoal, Black and Off White.

Or! Get yours dyed to match your school or team colors!


We did Louisiana State University’s whole gym in their iconic purple, gold and silver! We’re currently working on a new project for LSU that will also include custom gold letters that read “LSU Tigers” set into their beautiful, regal purple. Let us help you design and implement the floor of your dreams!

Should you prefer a lower pile carpet, we can offer you that, as well. Our champion flex carpet comes in 14 different colors and is made with a 100% nylon BCF fiber that resists soiling, diffuses static buildup and is non-abrasive. Carpet in this highly durable, low cut pile is only available in 12ft. rolls. We cut them down, so the champion flex carpet offers 4 rolls that are 11ft x 44ft. long, for easy install and storage. Our champion flex carpet meets the NCAA, NFSA, USAG and FIG  floor exercise carpet. Hook and loop belts connect the sections together for fast, easy and near seamless installation.

Yes, you can get our flex champion, low pile carpet in smaller strips to fit over your tumble strip!

Need something that’s bigger? Say 60ft. x 60ft.? Want your own custom dyed magic carpets to match your school, gym or club colors? Let’s get you into our champion elite flex carpets!

Champion elite carpets come in any size and can be dyed to match any color or color combination! Among the colors available are: Navy, Medium Blue, Red, Maroon, Burgandy, Purple, Charcoal, Grey, Silver, Black, Teal, Hunter Green or Off White.

Our work for LSU features a 60ft. x 60ft. gorgeous and custom dyed, majestic purple with a 10ft. custom matched silver border rather than the standard 2.5ft. border. Why not dream big and in technicolor!

Because we’ve been doing carpets for 37 years, we’ve got it down to a science. Our founder, Mike Raines, was a gymnast and gymnastics coach himself. In fact, we’ve got several former gymnasts and coaches working for GMR! Given that we’ve lived in the gym, too, we know what works and what doesn’t. We know what you want to see and what you don’t. That’s why we were the first to switch from tape that wore out and left residue on the carpet. We are the first to sew velcro directly onto the carpet using sewing machines we had specifically designed for that purpose. We use velcro that’s dyed to match your carpet, so that even if there’s a teensy weensy gap, you can’t see it.

Other companies heat seam theirs which makes them too big to move and remove, easily.

Even cut to exactly fit your floor, as we do, gymnastics carpets are too big to sew on a table, Ralph, our carpet chief uses a sewing machine on wheels. Sewing the binding on both our classic and champion carpets is the secret recipe to a long life and that’s exactly what you get from your By GMR Flex Carpet!


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