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Single Best Training tool in your gym

905 LbaseYour single bar trainer is the most versatile piece of equipment in your gymnastics training facility.

A single bar trainer serves as a 3-in1 workhorse that allows male gymnasts to train for competition in the men’s horizontal “high bar” event. Your single bar trainer helps your female gymnasts focus and hone their skills on the uneven bars by taking the low bar out of the way. And, it lets gymnasts of any gender perfect the foundation of all bar skills, their swing, by using straps in bar strap training work.

A single bar trainer is practically the 5th event in any serious gymnastics club that trains female gymnasts!

Skills like giants, pirouettes, stalders, release moves, and dismounts all require strength, speed and control executed with precision timing. Taking the distraction of the low bar out of the equation means your female gymnasts can concentrate on the more minute elements of the skills they’re working!

The single bar trainer speeds up learning and allows for more repetition (yes, please!) which in turn leads to mastery of the skills and challenges each gymnast faces. Once you get it down on one bar, its gets a lot easier when you add in the spatial complexity the other, lower bar brings.

The second best thing about the single bar trainer is that its a space saver. As any gym or gymnastics club owner knows, the value of real estate in the training area cannot be overstated. To conserve and maximize your gym’s space, its all about location, location, location!

At GMR, we make single bar trainers which utilize different base types such as a T base, an L base and a V base, so that every gym can find the space that’s right for them to install this super efficient piece of equipment in their gymnastics training facility. 907 V

Most known for their emphasis on trampolines, the good folks at Nissen were the first folks to make a single bar trainer. Later came single bar trainers from the American Foundry and Machine Foundation (AMF) the pre-cursor to today’s AAI. They all just took the low bar off of the uneven so that it stood alone with its own cables, like a mini high bar.

908-80GMR’s founder, Mike Raines, who is a former gymnastics coach was the first in the gymnastics industry to make a single bar trainer that bolts down and is cable-free. It was the height of the lower unevens bar.  

In college, Mike competed on a high bar that was cabled to the floor and the ceiling at Georgia Tech. It was very flexible, so he decided to make one that was cabled to the ceiling and bolted to the floor for his boys team’s gymnastics gym home. (He also cabled a ring frame to the ceiling).

Mike would do gymnastics clinics with boys and coaches from other gymnastics teams and the coaches who came to his gym would want to buy the single bar trainer that saved so much space! They wanted one that was the height of the high bar, so he came up with one that was the height of the high bar of the unevens with a T base. It became the most popular single bar trainer in the US! It’s cabled into itself and bolted into the floor and makes for an extremely stable training bar.

Always looking to innovate and problem solve, Mike made his next single bar trainer with an L base; it would have a smaller base and fit into corners of in an L shaped pit. Mike then introduced a single bar trainer with steps that allow gymnasts to use it without needing someone to hoist them up. Or, coaches could use the steps to adjust the bar and climb up onto the removable spotting deck to spot their athlete. No one else had that! Spotting deck

And, who doesn’t want quick, interchangeable bars that provide a fast switch of rails from men’s to women’s to strap bars?! All of the GMR single bar trainer rails are the same sizes as the competition rails for their corresponding events.

The goal: Get as much equipment as possible into the gym and do it safely. With the GMR single bar trainer it’s a mission accomplished!


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